Web Hosting Plans and Packages

I want to change my hosting service for one of my web sites and I need some ideas of a better one. I am currently using Domain Direct. There customer support seems to be like the weather and I’m getting tired tired of it.

Currently I pay US$79.99 a year for the following:
Domain name and Web Hosting
25 meg website space
Bandwidth is 256 Kbps
http and ftp uploading.
online editor
Monthly Data Transfer is Unlimited
5 megs of email with 10 aliases,
1 pop account and webmail access.

What I need:
All of the above plus,
larger email space 10-25 meg would be great
higher bandwidth
more than one pop account - at least 2.
cgi ability
similar pricing with better service and support, at least a better attitude.

Anyone have good and bad reports to give?


This is what I’m using.

$60 a year for this and more:

333 MB of space
First domain is $5
Online control panel
Online editor
FTP access
5 Free Subdomains
Website stats
Webmail (with UNLIMITED email accts)
MySQL database
5 Gigs data transfer
Custom 404 page
Personal CGI Bin
Frontpage extensions
PERL, C++, TCL, AND PYTHON, PHP4 (don’t know all that other stuff but I use phpbb for our Family Forum

What is there true up time based on your experience? And have you ever had any problems with them?

I’ve only been with them since November I think, and have had no downtime at all that I’ve noticed. Whereas with my other host in the States, my site’s been down at least six times in the last year. :frowning:

Never had any problems with this host (I use it for parentpages.net) Good support so far too. I emailed them at about 8am with a question and they promise an answer within the next business day; got a response just a couple hours later.

Just signed up with http://www.linksky.com. They have a basic account and an extended package. Check out site for more details. I registered my domain at www.dotster.com for $15/year.

I highlighted a few of the features that people look for in a hosting plan.

For $5 US/month:

50MB of space – More MBs when needed.
Extremely high data transfer allowance. (Look at the bottom)
20, independent POP3 email addresses.
Open WebMail. Deluxe web interface for email!
Unlimited email aliases & forwarding.
SMTP email service. – Send email using Eudora, Outlook, etc.
“Smart” email auto-responders.
Powerful LinkSky Account Control Panel.
Majordomo mailing lists with easy web interface. (Up to 20 per acct)
Open up to 20 independent sub-accounts via control panel.
FormMail, BNBMail, SendMail.
Shared, strongest 128bit SSL certificate.
Easy to install own secure SSL cert via control panel.
Wildcard domains addressing.
Optional multi-domain parking and pointing. (One-time $4 fee.)
FrontPage 2k server extensions.
SiteStudio – Powerful, multi-page graphic web site builder!
FileMan version 2, file manager.
Batch file uploads via the web using FileMan.
Web-based file editing and permission setting.
Protected directories. – Password protect for multiple users!
Custom error pages.
Unlimited FTP access for main and all sub-accounts.
PHP imbedded scripting, version 4 +
Perl5 for your CGI scripts. – Execute from any directory!
SSI – Script using server side includes.
2 MySQL databases. – Includes admin software!
SSH, secure shell access. – Telnet with safety!
Deluxe traffic stats. – Webalizer version 2!
Easy to access raw traffic logs.
Effective server-level spam and virus filtering.
3x per week server-wide backups.
Schedule account-wide backups from your control panel.
Up-to-date readouts of account size totals from the control panel.

And, Data Transfer Allowance
(not throttled)

size (MB) transfer (monthly)
0 - 60 6 GB
60 - 120 8 GB
120 - 200 12 GB
200 + 14 GB

only $2 per mo., per additional GB

Hope this helps ya out.