Web Hosting?

I have a small video clip and I’d like to have a link to send it to friends or to post it. How do I get my clip hosted for free if possible and how do I post a link on this forum?(The clip is saved on my computer, the format is jpeg.)
Thanks in advance

To be real easy, sign up for geocities and follow their web wizard to create a site, and you can upload video to there too…just play around, im sure you could figure it out.

That did not work. I got a site up and running. Tested like two times to make sure it worked then the acces was denied. It says that the site has exceeded its data transfer, to wait and try later. Then if I look up my data transfer, it says that I don’t even have web hosting on my site. Why did it work a couple times. They’re just trying to sell me a bundle. What a waist of time!
Any other options to host a very small video clip for free would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. :frowning:
Thanks anyways frost.

What’s the file size, and are you sure it’s a jpeg? 'cause jpeg’s not a video format.

Gosh it all sounds the same to me but you’re right it’s not jpeg, it’s MPEG.
This clip was sent to me as an email attachement and I saved it on my computer. If I click on it it opens up with classic media player and it’s about 15 seconds in lenght.

Another problem I have had with geocities in the few times it worked is I e-mailed myself a link to test it and it opened the file(shows unreadable scripts) rather than played it when I clicked on my emailed link. Confusing as it gets.

I don’t know any places that offer quick, easy hosting for video files, but if I think of something I’ll let you know.

In the meantime, could you right-click on the file, select “Properties”, and tell us what it says in the “Size” part? (Not “Size on disk”, just “size”). If it’s small enough in file size, it might be easier to find a way. But if it’s only 15 seconds it shouldn’t be too big.

I tried pro-hosting it’s called too, could not get any results either. They are really quick with setting you up with an account and false promises but they deliver nothing without a credit card number.
Do I have to pay to host a small clip or what? I know nothing about this cyberspace stuff.

Thank you Tetsuo. :slight_smile:

size: 3.38MB(3,547,358 bytes)

the other option (if it’s a public domain clip) Leo is if you do a google for the video on the web, you might find it’s already hosted somewhere and you can send that link to whoever you want to share it with.

3.38mb is email-able ok, but might pay to check with the other end first.

That was brilliant Truant! I found it! My goodness… I waisted sooo much time with this hosting thing. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
Perhaps I will send you, Frost and Tetsuo a link in a pm for your own enjoyement. But you guys don’t waist my fun, keep it a secret because I’ll actually post it in the open forum. The best car commercial ever!!! it is.
Make sure you play it on the full screen and with some good volume as the music is a good part of it. :wink:

It’s not too common anymore, but there’s an old video standard called motion JPEG. It uses a JPEG image for each frame in the video, so it’s horribly inefficient compared to the MPEG standards, but it is easy to encode.

I’ve started using yousendit to send large files. It can handle up to 1GB files and is free.