Webcams and webcasting discussion

I believe webcasting would be the proper term. I’ve finally setup my webcam from 2 years ago and it’s been really fun. It’s inspired me to setup skype and get a mic as well, but I’ll take that discussion to another thread.

I’ve spent some time today reading about different softwares and techniques, but I’m a little overwhelmed. I’ve figured out the “leave the web cam on, it takes a picture of you and some software uploads the picture to your site” stuff, but the streaming stuff started to get to complex (read software I’d have to purchase) and didn’t really know where to start. The sites I’ve found kind of had too much information and I didn’t feel like going through it all (why do that when I can ask the forumosan experts :smiley:).

I think I’ll mess with this ( ) before I go to sleep, but I’d like to hear about other people’s experience with these gadgets.

I have been using webcam32 for several years for doing static webcam pics. It also does streaming video but unfortunately the product got bought out by another company which hasn’t updated it in almost 5 years now, so I think it is a pretty much dead product.