Webpage Banners Design Help Needed

I have been working on a new Taiwan history and legal website over the past month. I have most of the pages up, and some people have donated some “banners” … however, I still need more banners …

So, I was wondering if anyone would be interested in designing a few??

You can log on the site and see which pages lack banners … (most of them actually) … the banner on the home page is a good example of what I am doing … it is just put at the top and that provides a little “graphic relief” from all of my wordage … ((( I guess you get the idea … )))

You can check it out at taiwanadvice.com/

There is another banner here taiwanadvice.com/csovtrust.htm

And my best email address for this project is tda.taiwan@gmail.com

Thanks in advance.

why does your Taiwan history and legal website have American flags and icons all over the place?

If there is any good “banner-making” FREEWARE out there on the internet, I would also be interested in suggestions …