Website/Ecommerce Development/Design Services, Digital Marketing & Video/Audio Production

Hi all, I just wanted to introduce my company, Evocative (

We do pretty much anything digital. Our bread & butter is standard/corporate/school websites and ecommerce websites, but we do all kinds of print design production, audio and video production and translation.

All our team members are either westerners or locals who spent a significant amount of time in the west and understand the high quality needs of most of our primarily western client-base.

If you’re interested to learn a little more about how we work, we’ve got a little video intro here:

To get some free honest advice about your needs, and if we can help, send me an email to Alex@Evocative.Co or add me on Skype: Alex.Trup

Alex Trup
Chief Connector

Try Shopline if you want to sell mainly in Taiwan.

Yes Shopline isn’t too bad, and is probably the easiest way to make a decent website for Taiwan with some good integrations for selling locally in Taiwan.

Its biggest drawback is its design limitations (like there isn’t that much flexibility on how you want to make your pages look), while you are also restricted to just English and Traditional Chinese, with zero ability to add any other language if you need that.

Happy to give you some more specific advice if you want to shoot me an email of what you want to sell to