Website having problems. Thumbnails all broken


Is something wrong with the site?

Mobile is also an absolute nightmare.

Images are all broken. It seems I can’t upload one. It started when I noticed a couple of people like @Hanna’s avatar started to go corrupt. I PM’d her then I noticed it spread.Screenshot_20190815-005226697

Same here.

I think that’s a sign I need to get off the computer and go to sleep.

Recently they were “moving uploads” which caused a slowdown. Maybe something like that going on here

What the hell happened?

I access strictly through desktop, and it went pear-shaped three or four hours ago. Page elements were the wrong size, the b/g color was white, everything was out of place, and my avatar was floating on the left side of the page near the left margin. After fiddling with some things I finally worked out this thread title and figured out something went wrong.

I tried to open in Opera and got a message that was unsafe.

Anybody know what fixed things? Everything seems fine, now.

Is it working for everyone now? I’m not having any problems viewing the site.

I didn’t see the glitch and I haven’t seen any messages on

Not yet, at least. I have no doubt in what @Marco and @bojack reported - not only from what @tempogain posted but from Uptime Robot notifications I received recently (granted, not at the same times that were reported but something is certainly going on at the server)


I appreciate the bug reports and will keep looking for explanations.

Yes it all went a little strange , but seems ok now … I thought it was the medicine :wink: it has happened before a couple of times for hours at a time but seems to rectify itself


@shiadoa, if your thumbnails are broken, the nurses ain’t clipping them correctly

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I actually have gotten a few Uptime Robot messages but when I get around to seeing for myself, everything seems back to normal