Website making

Any pointers towards software, resources, etc, for making websites for the non-technical but want a new challenge types? I have a geriatric Mac, 10.4, and no patience, if that makes a difference.

Not for selling stuffs, but just for various crapping on, by myself and others, but not neccessarily a forum. Sort of ‘magaziney’. Should I just learn to soup up a blog? I had a blogspot blog, but it was boring, and looked rubbish.

Have a look at Squarespace.

That looks cool. Many thanks!

Try Wordpress and play with the Themes and plugins (these are installed within the Wordpress Administration panel. If you learn to tweak the code using the built-in Theme Editor, and figure out how to use the Theme Widgets, you can make practically any kind of website. Sure WordPress is blogging software, but you can easily hide/ignore that part of it and use it as website management tool that you can easily handover to others to manage when you are ready for new challenges.

Malc at has encouraged me to have a hard look at Drupal and Joomla. But WordPress does so much and is so easy to maintain that I’m satisfied not to have to learn yet another web content management system


If your IT guy/webhost doesn’t already support Wordpress, you can download it at Or setup a free Wordpress blog at and get familiar with the administration of it before committing to installing it on your webspace

I’m my IT guy. :laughing: I’ll have a look. Thanks.

Another vote for Wordpress here. It just works, it’s easy, there’s a metric asstonne of plugins and templates available for it, and if you need something fancy and custom later, people are familiar with it.

Stay the heck away from Drupal, Joomla, and the like.

My web site hosting service, WebHostingPad, includes a web site building program (RVSiteBuilder) with hundreds of templates, perfect for those of us with no experience building web sites.

You want a new challenge but have no patience? This is a bad combination.

My advice?

go to

learn how to make a css sheet and structure a webpage

have fun creating a little sandbox

I absolutely hate web-design though…so braindead boring.

Yeah, of course it’s boring, that’s why I can’t do it yet. :laughing: Making stuff is for ‘rude mechanics’. I’m still pondering my concept, at this stage, so the cart’s probably before the horse.

Useful thread. I was wondering about this the other day. Thanks to the OP and the responders. :bow:

Can’t you find yourself a computer coding coolie at one of your local curry houses? You know the score, a computer whiz from Bangahore working illegally as a dishwasher. Key word: “blackmail.” (A word of warning though; these native types are often obsessed with white women so you’ll need to keep your kendo sword at hand.)

Translation for Canadians: find a student who is looking to earn a few bucks to set it up for you.

Yeah, but in the cold light of morning, I doubt I can be arsed, tbh, at least for the next few months. Many other things on the go.

Thanks for the replies.

If you need contributors to your magaziney site, :bow: :slight_smile:

Coolio, I’ll keep that in mind. :thumbsup:

Sadly in any computer endeavor, concept is where 99.9% of people stop. It is easy to think up a cool idea of what a website or program should do. It is difficult to figure out what a computer can do. It is a royal pain to make it do what you want it to do.

Yeah. Not much payback, in terms of being rewarding, either. I’m bookmarking this, anyway, for when summer’s over. You haven’t wasted your time advising me, all. Thanks.

Depends on what you find rewarding. My friend spent an evening designing and he makes anywhere from 25$-500$ per month on ad revenue. Another friend has a pretty clean and neat personal blog/online resume that makes no money but he is proud to have a good online presence.

Sure. Me=not that. :laughing: