Website or app or list of dog friendly restaurants, cafes and other places


Is there anything with information about dog friendly spots?


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We need an app for collecting and sharing pet friendly places.

Most places allow you to bring doggie in his/her carrier, even department stores, as long as they stay in there…quietly. This can apply to restaurants…as long as you do not feed them, especially human food, or take them out and sit them on a chair/table.

There is a sticker now being shared by restaurants and cafés that says pet friendly, ok to bring in.


The loving hut in tAipei. It’s also vegan. Many vegan places are pet friendly.


Lili in Tienmu is dog friendly, great food and atmosphere, and some outdoor seating.


As long as dogs behave themselves (no fighting, no barking, no #1 or #2, no egregious wet dog smells) then I really don’t have an issue with dogs in restaurants.

There’s a family that brings a very large English bulldog into the local 7-11, in a baby stroller. Or the kids do, rather. Probably around 40kg of perfectly happy, perfectly calm bulldog in a baby stroller. Probably ought to take a pic some day, it’s pretty cute actually.


I like that place, the owners always there chilling.


Bobby and I usually go to Goethe after our Taida walks.

There are several pet cafes around Gongguan, which serve meals to doggies too.


Plenty of places allow dogs. Carnegies, it is in daan close to Far Eastern Hotel. Three idiots curry in gongguan, revolver close to CKS memorial, KGB burger at taipower, hooters at Nanjing fuxing. At 101 there are a number of places in between 101 and att4fun.

Definitely not a problem in taipei to find dog friendly places not matter which area you are in.


Any suggestions for places in Ximending?


We go here

Somebody Cafe
108, Taipei City, Wanhua District, Chengdu Road, 65號
02 2311 2371

I suspect open air cafés and bars around the Red Theater wouldn’t mind./


Thanks. Somebody Cafe was really nice.