Wedding Bells are ringing for Highway Star today!

Congratulations, HS! All those years of being chaste have paid off - now you can finally know the physical love of a woman! You give hope to mullet-heads everywhere! :bravo: :slight_smile: :laughing:

All the best HS, but gee I hope you won’t be reading this anytime today!


Congrats HS!


Chaste? I’ve heard that a lot of people use “fleshlights” on dark highways when they are all alone.

And soon, a little baby Elvis will be born, with a mullet, disco pants and Jackie O sunglasses!

Have a good day, HS!

HS…welcome to the …er…“club.” :bravo:

God! That poor woman! That poor, poor woman!

Congratulations, ya bastard. Here’s wishing you many many happy years together.

congrats - hope you will live together to a ripe old age.

Finally buckled did ya? You pussy! :laughing:

Congrats man!

Well thank you one and all. It was an interesting day, followed up by a FABULOUS feed at the italian job. Highway starlet was craving pizza so we went there for a post marital mastication. HUGE thanks to Alan, Mark and Stan for taking care of us so well.
Incidentally, the posts here on were invaluable with all the ‘how to/where etc’ concerning marriage. Well done Maoman and Gus, you have created the best thng since beef noodles.!
Some parting words that my grandfather gave me about getting married-
“A man without a wife is incomplete…so as soon as you are married, you’re finished!”
The best!
The Highway Mullets

Have a great one.