Wedding Cake

Has anyone ever seen a traditional western wedding cake in Taiwan? You know, the tiered, white cake with a little bride and groom on top. Anybody know a bakery that would be up to the task? (I don’t want anything with pudding, mousse, red bean or taro in it. :noway: )

Ah, a true romantic. :heart:

When we still lived in Hsinchu we researched the local high(er)-end hotels and asked one (Hsinchu Royal) to custom-make some cakes for us according to our designs and specs, turned out very good … I wouldn’t know which hotel in Taipei would be up to the task though. It wasn’t cheap though, but a wedding cake should be worth the expense! Xpet.

i would try the florida bakery.

Who are you getting married to ?

Noone. I just really, really like wedding cake. :unamused:

Does it have to be a fruitcake? I’ll ask my brother-in-law for you. He’s a manager at Isabelle, and I think they’re the best cake’n’cookie shop around. I’ll get you a catalogue.


Thanks, I went to see Michael Wendel today at Wendel’s Bakery. He assured me that he’d be able to set me up with a great cake. One question - someone told me I can’t have my cake and eat it too - what’s up with that? :smiley:

I’ve finally upgraded my Flickr account and can post the wedding cake pics online.

As Michael Wendel promised, he did set me up with a great cake.

Click here for more wedding cake pics. :slight_smile: