Wedding song playlist

Right, I’m getting hitched in September and rather than shelling out for a band or dj at the reception & dance we’re simply going to run the music off my iPod.

Which means I need a pretty robust playlist.

Ideas, pretty please.

You probably shouldn’t play Brick by Ben Folds Five.
But you should definitely play Sexual Healing by Marvin Gaye.

For a wedding reception, you really can’t go wrong with flute and harp music.

I know that you are partial to some of the “harder” tunes, such as Jack o’ the Shadows and Coming Home from Tarwin’s Gap, Jaboney, but given the nature of the occassion I’d stick with some of the lighter classics. I’m thinking along the lines of… Heron on the Wing, Wind in the Barley, Old Jak’s Up a Tree, Drawing Water From the Well, and Goodman Priket’s Pipe! :note: :thumbsup:


Highway to Hell?
Hell’s Bells?
White Wedding?
Victim of Changes?

Any Black Sabbath will do. It’s festive.

Avoid Helen Reddy - One Tin Soldier.

Sorry, I know, I’m not helping much.

The Merrymen Of Barbados on 8-track? (I can do the transfer for you to iPod)

Wow, congrats! :bravo:

Well, you’d have to give us a better idea of the mood you want, or your tastes, before we could give useful advice, no? :loco:

The first song I thought of was Barnes & Barnes’s Fish Heads, and when Dragonbabe saw your topic she independently came up with exactly one song: Fish Heads. Go figure :laughing:

Thanks. :rainbow:

Mood: relaxed, fun.
Invitees: family & a few close friends; maybe 100+ in all.
Musical tastes: anything excellent, really, as far as I’m concerned. Save trance/ dance/ rap. Used to be into metal. Then bluesy rock. Recently, lots of Leonard Cohen, Nick Cave, various singer/song-writers. Actually, I’ve spent so much time listening to audio books that music’s largely been bumped off my ipod. Sister will kill me if there isn’t at least one ABBA song for her. Cousins will have a good laugh if there’s some AC/DC or Black Sabbath, so why not? Of course, being that it’s my wedding, and being that I’ve been a smart ass since birth, everyone’s going to looking to rib me… so I could get it out of the way early and go with Alice Cooper’s “Hey Stupid.”

My tastes are fairly eclectic. Throw it at me and see what sticks.

Came across someone’s wedding playlist on iTunes that looked alright:

Oh, Josefus: Sexual Healing. Good call.
Hobbes: :stuck_out_tongue:

Man, there are some pretty dark songs on there. Bravo to that person!

Didn’t you get down on your knee like a year or so ago?

Listen, make it easy on yourself, borrow Tigerman’s reggae list. And congrats!


cant go wrong with queen…a little bohemian rhapsody anyone?

“Pink Moon”?! Whoah.

Me, I’d go with Bo Diddley’s “We’re Gonna Get Married,” if you need something energetic. And doo wop. Lots of doo wop.

Tiny Bubbles


Here I would like to add one more song in plyalist named “When I Take Your Hand” which is one of the best wedding songs by Shaun Barrowes.