Wedding Venues in Taiwan

Hello Everyone,

As I am new on Forumosa, First and foremost- it is a pleasure to meet you all.

I happened to come across this website by chance after searching for wedding venues in Taiwan/Taipei. I’m Taiwanese but born in America, and met my girlfriend whose also Taiwanese while she was in college here. We plan on getting married in Taiwan around Sept. 2014 but we’re having a tough time finding a venue since we both work in New York. I was hoping someone kind enough could point me in the right direction as the date is drawing near. We just started in our career paths so budgeting is an issue. I’m also not familiarized with all the correct culture and how to go about this. Basically here is the breakdown.
-Not wanting to spend over 300,000NT (inclusive of food/pictures/venues/etc.)
-About 80-100 Guest
-I have 1 best man + 5 groomsmen
-I requested we combine it into 1 simple wedding instead of having 2 different dinners.
-Would like to combine American tradition of bride walking down the isle, but also inclusive of the Taiwan tradition as well.

Does anyone have any suggestions on venues or people I can contact to help with these plans? Thanks so much! and your guidance is greatly appreciated.

Eric H

If you are both going to be in New York how are you going to choose one…?

Anyway, if you have 100 guests, then usually it means you need 10 tables (10 per table), since most places do prices based on the number of tables, you are looking for 30,000NT per table or below. Many of the places have a minimum spending requirement, such as 380,000NTD for one place.

I’ve only been to 1 wedding in Taipei recently, and it was at the W hotel. According to the information below, that place is 28,800/table+10%.

Anyway, here are the links…

Outdoors … E%E5%8D%80

Indoors … A%84w-hote

organized by someone else … 4%E5%9C%B0

I’m getting married in May at 青青 (the first one on the “outdoors” section) and I’m thus far pretty looking forward to it. Some things to note:

NT$300,000 is possible, but not easy. The wedding itself will be below that; I am expecting 150 people and it will cost just around NT$220,000.

Other expenses, however, include the obligatory pre-wedding photos (婚紗照), wedding photography (婚攝), renting dresses and tuxedos, wedding invitations, xibing (喜餅), liche (禮車), and possibly a dowry (聘金) and gold necklace/earrings depending on how traditional her family is about it all.

Including our rings (really cheap by US standards) and all of the above, we’re spending about NT$450,000.

If you want something hassle-free but unremarkable (very acceptable in Taiwan, but an American may find it less-than-satisfactory), basically all hotels offer wedding service. There are even specialized banquet halls devoted to this purpose, the most generic of which are probably 典華 and 晶宴… can’t remember their English names.

AND… congratulations!

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青青 looks awesome!!
Congrats, both of you. Eric n Hokwongwei :bravo:

Whoops, that was an overestimate. Sorry, in total we are spending NT$350,000. I would spend more if I had it, to put my family up in a hotel and to cover their tickets, but I don’t, so they’re on their own.