Wednesday Playgroup?


I am looking for this week’s Wednesday playgroup… Meeting place and time.

Please PM me with details.

(I have signed up for the email list, but have not received any notices yet. Maybe they are getting “bulked”? Also, I would post this on the ParentPages, but my account there has not been activated yet, so any help would be greatly appreciated.)

The little one is going stir-crazy here at home.

Thank you.

I usually post on Tuesday nights after I get the kiddos in bed. I would do it on Monday but sometimes the weather changes so quickly that it is just safer on Tuesdays!


Where do you post it?

I send it to the mailing list. I just sent one now, check and see if you received it.

No, unfortunately, I am still not getting the email. I also checked through the bulk but didn’t see it.

I will send you a PM with my email address again in case I typoed.


You have Yahoo accounts. For some reason ,for the last couple of months, people with yahoo accounts havent been receiving our emails. I’m going to start posting our weekly playgroups at parentpages. … d302d5b889

Tomorrow we’ll be meeting at the Taipei Childrens Recreation Center. 10.30am at the playground near the sandpit.

Hope to see you there!