Weekend Sports

Hi, I’m looking to take part in some kind of sporting activity during weekends in Taipei. I can play football (the foot and ball variety), I’m good at sports that involve legally punching and/or kicking people, and thats about it. Can anyone recommend anything? Do you partake in weekend sports? let me know

What about those Game Club guys? They play chess and stuff on a Sunday.

do you think that they will mind me just rolling on up and laying the boot in while they are playing chess?

Try a boxing club. You don’t need to speak chinese to box. :wink:

Southpaw, if you’re intersted I’ll take the footy, cricket bat and tennis racket into the game club next time. If that gets to boring, we could have ourselves a little stoush, but I bugs the cricket bat :wink:

What happened to the Taipei Baboons after their 2002 Bali experience? Maybe you could go join the local rugby team.

You can’t legally kick or punch in Rugby. Get yourself an xbox or ps2.

got a ps2…

to chad, what does speaking chinese have to do with anything? and if anyone does know of a boxing club that would be good. but i do hear that there are some pub footy teams around, i would be interested in that

How about Gaelic (Irish) football? Check here http://www.taiwanho.com/modules.php?op=modload&name=News&file=article&sid=43&mode=thread&order=0&thold=0 or www.taiwancelts.com (under construction but llinks to old site).

Bowling league: Tuesdeay’s (I know its not the weekend)
Joseph Wang joseph.wang@pharma.novartis.com

Softball: (Sunday’s)
Joe Duffer (duffer@so-net.net.tw) or call 02.2872.3677

Rugby: (Thursday’s and Saturday’s)
Ben Walker 0917018673 or Max 0919929950

Football (Soccer): (Saturday’s)
Duncan Inglis: (Cell Phone) 0953 799 326 : email: duncan_inglis@thsrc.com.tw
Steve Lankester: (cell phone) 0916 462 241 : email: steve_lankester@thsrc.com.tw

Cricket - Kaohsing Community Cricket Club. Contact Andrew Carrick (08)
766-3852, or Peter Jilks.

Good luck,

Chou Do Fu

A bunch of us get together to play ultimate frisbee a couple of Saturdays a month in Shilin. Send me a p.m. with your e-mail, and I’ll put you on our mailing list.