Weezer Blue Album and DVD

Hey weezer is re-releasing the blue album with an extra cd of raren songs as well as a DVD wonder if the DVD will make it to Taiwan?


Did you hear the rumour that Bucket head - guitarist with the ‘new’ Guns n Roses - is actually Rivers from Weezer? At first thought it is ridiculous but the more you think about it… it is actually quitte possible! :laughing:

It is possible Rivers can really shred but he’s recording a new album where would he have the time?

The ‘new’ Gunners are hardly what I’d call busy, musos always have time for multiple projects, plus for that sort of playing I am sure he could find the time :smiley:

First of all that Buckethead rumor is utter crap. His real name is Brian Carroll.

Second of all, the new Weezer album, “Make Believe” is available now! Kinda. It is on Bittorrent anyway. Not that I would ever advocate getting it by such means. It’s officially out on the 10th.

New Weezer is out!