Weight and Diet and Exercise

Or eat a lot better than you presently do, but again, this is the sobriety support thread— have you provided any support to anyone in this thread? Or have you made yet another thread about you and your troubles?

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If you drink too much you end up fucking your liver up, so the result is all the same.

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I am being clear and calm.

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Try yoga. Get strong then lose weight. Cut out all cola and high fructose corn syrup drinks. That should be easy.

How old are you?

I think the diet and exercise suggestions can help you.

Tell us what your meals and exercise are like now. Let us know your schedule so we can make suggestions that might help

Cutting out plant oils is one of the best things you can do. Means no deep fried stuff, and a lot of everything else you’ll need to forgo, but I’ll get you eating well.

Anything processed would be next after that.

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If it tastes good, stay away from it. It isn’t good for you! Smart doctor.

When you take walks how fast do you walk? Try speeding it up, like really walk. Do it for an hour every day. And eat a bit less.

That’s what my wife says too. I’m a big fan of American cuisine, especially things that come sandwiched between two buns or are deep-fried. I occasionally eat according to the Mediterranean diet with a pizza now and then. Also bought half a pallet of red wine last month, so I am less tempted to have beer.

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How about those cream pies though?

I’d better add this image before someone googles it and i get in trouble


Eat properly. I’m not sure if we’ve already had this conversation, but I have a how-to manual I wrote for our weight-loss group pre-pandemic. It’s been field-tested and works pretty well. I can talk you through it if there are any questions.

Your liver can, to a certain extent, repair itself. But as BD said, once you get to the stage where doctors are calling it cirrhosis rather than NAFLD, you’re in trouble.

This is 99% bollocks. I’ve always suspected that doctors believe this and it’s nice to hear it spoken out loud. :slight_smile:

Your appetite is probably demanding bad things because you’re overweight, but once you start eating proper food, your tastes will readjust and things that “taste good” will be the things that are actually good for you.


One problem is I tend to eat big portions, because my father said that you will get fat if you eat anything, even a small bite, after 8pm. He seems to think the body has a switch that is turned on after 8pm that somehow quadruples the amount of calorie it gets from food that enters your mouth after the time limit.

So during the day I eat like an all you can eat buffet because I don’t want to have the dreaded hunger after 8pm which my dad SWEARS that will be bad if you do anything to address it at the time. Basically endure the hunger until tomorrow morning according to him, so I as a monkey do everything I can think of to avoid that hunger pang past 8pm, result is I overeat during the day just so I can follow his “no food after 8pm rule”.

I told him the rule doesn’t work for me, it just causes me to eat way too much during the day. I told him wouldn’t it be better if I eat really small portions during the day and if I feel hungry after 8pm I eat just enough food to take the hunger away, and in the end I end up eating LESS food than if I followed my old way?

This is one problem with being a O-6, you believe your own bullshit and expect everyone else to believe it too, and in his job they couldn’t argue… orders are orders.

I hate late night hunger because it interferes with my sleep, I can’t sleep when I’m hungry on top of having a million thoughts of how things went wrong for the last 5 years.

Don’t worry about what happens now. Fat people remain fat because their metabolism winds itself up into a state where it’s driving them to eat things that make them so. “Late night hunger” is an extremely common symptom (women call it “comfort eating”). You eat too much because you’re fat, but eating less will not make you less fat. You have to fix the underlying problem so that your appetite stops demanding the fattening crap, and can manage its energy reserves properly.

I’ll PM you the document later if you want it (have to do some work now). Just follow the instructions and it’ll do what it says on the tin.


So eat. I give you permission. Have some toast or some fruit.


I’ve tried addressing it through exercise, but unless I can exercise like a freaking marathon runner or compete for triathalons or Iron Man, it just isn’t cutting it. Plus my physical capability simply don’t allow the amount of exercise I would like to have vs. the amount of exercise I’m actually able to have.

What’s your military pay grade? What’s your MOS?
I doubt you can top O-6 easily…

That’d be fine for everyone else, but in his condition it would be a really bad choice. In any case those night-time snacking cravings disappear within a week or two once you start eating proper food for your main meals.

@Taiwan_Luthiers : exercise won’t make any difference if you’re not eating right. I know this from hard personal experience.

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Aren’t you in your 40s?

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The bring on the diet instructions.

I just can’t think of anything else that isn’t going to involve spending massive amounts of money on food.

I tried keto but the failure is that I simply lack the financial ability to do it properly.

I’m not sure what else works, maybe more nuts (which is also nuts as in how much they cost).