Weight and Diet and Exercise

My liver is fucked up and I don’t even drink alcohol. I was told I have very severe fatty liver.

I guess it’s all genetics because I have no idea why my liver is so fucked.

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Are you overweight?

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Are you exposed to any chemicals because of your work?

Diet and exercise ?


Yea I am, and I got no idea how to lose the weight. And there’s people way more overweight than I am and they don’t have fucked up liver. So I don’t know.

I peed a tiny bit in my pants yesterday. I was holding my breath for meditation and the last set involving 3 minutes was too much.


Lots of great laughs here.

Thanks everyone :heart:


I will not quit my job because I have better things to do today.

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Say what? :thinking:

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You really need to do something about that. Next step is cirrhosis. That’s no joke.


What can I do about it?

I don’t even drink alcohol… I kinda envy people with alcohol liver problem, all they had to do is stop drinking.

I asked what I can do about it and he just said diet and exercise, there’s no drugs out there that will improve your liver health it seems. It fucking sucks because it’s like having type 1 diabetes. Nothing they can do about it except diet and exercise and you will still die. I’ve had enough exercise and I got no clue how much is enough.

Exercise and improve your diet to lose weight. Fish oil supplements also help.

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I know milkweed works. Just the doctor won’t prescribe it (it’s basically traditional chinese medicine).

I can’t afford fish oil supplements, and they don’t last long in Taiwan. They are also ungodly expensive here due to stupid rules regarding supplements.

The fish oil sold at Costco is relatively reasonably priced.

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Besides fish has mercury in it… so it’s a double edged sword.

If I have to listen to this in the not drinking thread, imma tie one on right quick.


Why? That’s not how eye meditate. Were you holding a position?

Stop eating shitty, exercise lots and improve your lifestyle. it is even easier than quitting alcohol because you dont have a physical addiction. if anything, they can envy you because you “only” have a psychological addiction.

Just joking of course, simply to point out that the woe is me thing doesnt work. Dont blame alcoholics because you dont drink and your lifestyle made your liver become crap. no one will actually help you, only offer support and helpful opinions or items. it has to be you that changes, meaning only you can help you. that’s why drug addicts like alcoholics have “support groups”. they support, not fix. only.that person can fix themselves. blaming genetics is a justifier’s excuse not to take responsibility. With very few exceptions. This is not the answer you want to hear, but it is the answer you asked for. I think for many people, the real.issue is their character, not their body or environment. everything a person needs is available, often for free. a person just needs to be responsible.enough to understand their body is their own responsibility. and no one else’s. get it in order. everyone is more than happy to discuss their knowledge set, but it takes YOU to say, this fucking foot in front of the other fucking foot. no one else can do that for you. not even family.


While this is true to a large extent, YELLING at someone doesn’t help.

I’ve already exercise as much as I can without injuring myself, and it doesn’t seem to be enough. All else I can think of is eat less, a lot less than I normally do. Doctor basically says if it taste good don’t eat it.

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