Weird accident near my

Coming home last night I arrived near my house shortly after a crash. They had already taken the people away…but for the life of me I can’t figure out how the crash happened.

Here is a pic of the vehicles:

They cops dragged the scooter from the other lane while I was watching…but the scooters position isn’t really relavent as it could have slid anywhere. The car was hit in its passenger side door. And was in the oncomming lane…with one tire in the oncoming ditch.

What makes this so weird is that there is no intersection here…only a fairly narrow two lane road. So on that kind of a road how does a scooter hit a car hard enough to push the car across the road and into a ditch…as well as folding in the door like that. Looks like it almost broke the frame of the freaking car :astonished: .

There is an intersection about 25 feet away…but its a T intersection…so I doubt the scooter was entering a T intersection doing 100…as he would have been unable to turn and just flown right across.

My roommate’s best guess is that the car was doing a U-turn. But there is an intersection 25 feet before and another about 35 feet after the spot of the accident…and barely enough room to do it on two lanes.

I thought the car and bike maybe collided in one of the intersections…but no glass or anything over there.

Hmm, maybe the car was doing a right hand turn at the previous intersection…and the scooter was doing 100km/hr in the scooter lane…and they did get pushed the roughly 25 feet…that’s about the only thing that makes sense to me. hmm.

the scooter:

I noticed that the scooter has 13,000km on it only.

It’s also nice to see how the paramedics leave their bloody gloves on the street…as opposed to disposing of them:

Could be a classic case of some moron trying to pull a u-turn totally in the wrong place with his car lights off…as impossible and stupid as it may sound, these kinds of situations are very regular so it could be a possible reason!..

The guy was parked on the wrong side of the road, pulled out into traffic from there and at the same time the scooter was passing…Hit at about a 45 degree angle, just enough to push the car back toward where it was parked?

Best guess anyway :s

I’ve seen a few scooters trashed like this laying around. My question is, do the drivers survive crashes like this?

You can see that the roof of the car is bent in…I’m guessing the person’s body did that. There wasn’t much blood on the ground though. I don’t know if anyone died this time…but you’d think so. I’ll ask around tomorrow see if anyone knows anything.

The best clue is burnt hell bank notes (ghost money). All ambulances and cop cars carry some and they burn it if it is a fatal crash.


Have a look at to see if there are any skid marks from the bike or car and the “dead body” chalk line which is drawn around the scooters and cars to see if you can come to a conlusion - you can often work out how these needless accidents happened this way.

i’ve seen similar… two cars and it looked almost the same - one car t-boned the other on a straight piece of road… 3 lanes… except that they couldn’t have been doing a U-turn, as there was a median strip in the middle… (taichung, wen-shin rd. for those who care)

No skid marks…no outlines or burnt money. It seems unlikely that the car was doing a U-turn considering the angle…if it was a U-turn the rear should have been pointing in the road…not the front. Unless he was reversing while doing a U-turn because he didn’t have enough room to do one…which he didn’t. I really don’t think a scooter could “push” a car very far…but if the car was moving maybe it kept moving and ended up in that odd spot.

Yeah, x08…it’s weird isn’t it?