Weird bump, swelling on forearm

Just yesterday all of a sudden I got a weird bump/swelling on the inside of my forearm. It’s about the length of a pinky finger and width of two fingers. There’s nothing on the skin, so it’s not a skin problem. It doesn’t really hurt either, it just feels sensitive and tender. My arm funtions perfectly fine. Does anybody have any idea what it is?

I’m suspecting that it’s a sprain or maybe i popped a vein or something. I’ve never had a sprain in the middle of the forearm tho…any idea? It’s probably nothing serious is it?

My girlfriend had a similar reaction to a mosquito or other insect bite. It was much bigger than the usual type of bite and not as itchy.It went down after a day.

as i’ve mentioned its not a skin issue, any other ideas?

You’ve not been to Belize lately, have you?

[quote]Moving head case
ONE doctor thought the bleeding bumps on Aaron Dallas’ head might have been a gnat bite.

A specialist thought it was shingles, though both doctors held out the possibility that it was something far more disturbing.

Then the bumps started moving.

They turned out to be five active bot fly larvae living near the top of his skull.

“I’d put my hand back there and feel them moving. I thought it was blood coursing through my head,” said Dallas.

“I could hear them. I actually thought I was going crazy.”

Dallas said he probably got the larval infestation while on a recent trip to Belize, Central America.

Adult bot flies look like bees without bristles[/quote].


if you knocked your arm you may have popped a leak in a vein, and now have a haematoma. the clot can be dangerous if it propagates and breaks off. but then how can i diagnose without seeing it? praps go and see a doctor… you can’t sprain somewhere that is not a joint.

this thread is worthless without pictures

well there’s nothing much too see from a picture, since there’s absolutely nothing on the skin. If i did take a picture, it would look like a perfectly normal arm. I can only see the bump only when i look at my arm really up close and feel it with my hand.

It’s definitely not external, 100% sure. Most likely a muscle/vein/bruiseetc problem. anybody ever had somethig similar?

As far as spraining not possible for other than joints, i’ve heard of ppl spraining their backs, thighs, necks…aren’t those pretty common? Of course we can all be mistaken and call it sprains when it’s not a sprain, i dunno.

This may seem a little odd… but how’s your posture? Do you do enough exercise? I had a lump I could feel in my arm at the end of last year. I went to see a doctor and she basically said its your lifestyle. Sitting around using the computer in a bad position and hunching my shoulders, bending my neck when I’m teaching etc caused a slight problem in one of my vertebrae, which in turn gave me problems elsewhere Another factor is I’m pretty tall which doesn’t help in this country.

What helped for me was they got me to sit in a a chair and strengthen my neck with weights for 1 hour a day for a few weeks. They would add an extra kg everyday. Since then my posture has improved and no more weird lumps.

Ya know, it only costs $150 NT to see a doctor. And that sounds like the kind of thing you should get checked out.

could be a cyst. i had one of the side of my face. they just poked in a needle and aspirated it. problem never came back. my husband had a cyst in his upper arm that was surgically removed- but in hindsight that was probably too invasive. i’m not sure of the cause. virus?

So, what was it? if it was a haematoma, it probably has gone away by now, and you may or may not have a clotted vein that will eventually scar into a stiff cord on your forearm.

if it was a cyst, it’d probably have either burst or impacted and be really painful by now.

What did the doctor say? (i trust you saw one).

don’t keep us all in suspenders.