Weird I posted something directly related to the topic

Weird I posted something directly related to the topic. No swear words were used and no personal attacks and yet it was still deleted. Is saying the majority of foreigners in Taiwan are “social misfits” a no no? I’m curious to find out in which groups of people get a pass and which are allowed to be attacked to no end.

You were trolling. Your post got temped. It’s not rocket science.
Man ralphy, a lot of your posts end up in the temp or flame fora, don’t they? In fact, some might even say you appear to be having a little trouble erm … “fitting in” here, erm … “socially,” as it were.

I assume that the moderator in question was applying one of the following:

I doubt you know the majority of foreigners in Taiwan, and to call them misfits without even knowing them seems pretty ignorant and inflammatory to me. It certainly does not contribute anything of substance to the board.

I flamed it this morning, for the reasons given above.

Also, if you see anything suspect in Living in Taiwan, please feel free to PM me or another LIT mod, squeal, or PM admin.


LIT co-mod

and yet, how many threads do we have regarding psycho xiaojies and such?
I guess Taiwanese are OK to target, just be sure to leave the foreigners alone.