Weirdos (including cool and smart ones!)


I just don’t think there is a “weird” thread , so I leave this here for your perusal .
:thinking: We are , perhaps, more normal than we thought .

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Nice…that guy stole my haircut.

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America…that’s one weird frikkin country.


Unfortunately that one doesn’t look genuine.

Songify has some real good ones though.


This fella was unfortunately some murder case later on where he claimed the guy abused him.


I posted that a few weeks ago . She is wonderful :joy:


Reeves and Mortimer could be very weird .
The yellow shirt reminded me of the guy in the first post :thinking::wink:


No need for fakes when reality is so much stranger than fiction. :open_mouth:


That’s true.


So they say. :grin:


it totally reminded me of them too. they were the best surreal comedians ever. their last series, house of fools was pretty good too.

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Probably not as weird as these characters Weirdness personified


Before I start posting stuff, please define “weird”.


You either love them or hate them…


Man, I miss Arby’s!


me too, here’s one of his masterpiece

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