Welcome back!

Stronger, Faster, Higher - the new Forumosa’s gone bionic. :wink: Now all we need to do is get some of our basic mods and hacks back into place…

[quote=“Maoman”]Now all we need to do is get some of our basic mods and hacks back into place…[/quote]I’m back in place and raring to go, and you don’t get much more basic than me.

Gimme something to flounder. :smiley:

I’ve already made my first post (this is my second). :wink:

And again…

I know.

Except www.forumosa.com doesn’t work, it brings up a test page.
You have to use forumosa.com/taiwan/index.php

my life was empty but now the “sweet mystery of life” is back


Bugger me with a fishstick this is fast.

Like, really fast. :astonished:

I’m so happy about how fast everything is moving, no more 3 minute page loads…woot!!!

This kicks butt…

I’m so used to putting it aside and doing other things while the painful loading process commences…Now I can’t even get to the minimizing icon fast enough…

Going to take some getting used to… :notworthy:

So far so nice :thumbsup:

So Frost. Where’s my [color=orange]Gingernuts?[/color]

Check your pants.

Great job, admins. It is much faster and looks a tad different. However www.forumosa.com and emoticons don’t work and I still need to log in thrice before I’m in.

It works great as far as I am concerned.

Great job, and blistering fast.

thank fuck you’se are all back. i was getting withdrawal symptoms. had to go and post on the lp thorn tree for gods sake. fast too what? oh but im getting weird reply pages with emoticons gone wack…what’s that about?

Speed is awesome, but I miss the ignore button.

I hope this weren’t the same Frost brought to the Games Club last weekend.
They tasted really nice though … :smiley: