Wellcome in Taoyuan FE'21- mini Jason's Market

Good news for residents of Taoyuan: The Wellcome in the basement of the FE’21 by the train station is expanding its product lines. Its stock is more and more resembling that of Jason’s Market.

You can now find such things as Miracle Whip, quality cold cuts, and many other items that are not typically found in a standard Wellcome store. So, before heading out to Banqiao or Taipei to look for something in Jason’s, stop in FE’21 in Taoyuan and see if it’s there.

Not long ago I learned that Jason’s Market was owned by Wellcome. Apparently it’s owned Jason’s for at least 2 years. Anyone know if Jason’s was always a Wellcome store, or if it was aquired by Wellcome later on?

But alas, still need to go to Taipei for my Marmite fix… They do have salt and vinegar crisps though!!

At the moment there’s a random little shop just outside the Wellcome with lots of (hideously expensive) yummy German food.

While the selection is an ample improvement over the regular WellCome stores, Jason’s it is not. Mind you the selection at Jason’s is not what it was, either.

And the outrageous prices of some of the items in that basement store. Many of things I might buy on impulse can be bought cheaper around the County. {such as in a filipino/thai goods store, or a baking goods store}.
That said, I did find some pretty good stale German bread, and some shaken to pieces Kettle Valley crisps.
Abominable selection of hops, I may add.
And a pretty sad state of affairs in the marzipan dept. as well.

They did have some luverly New Zeaand tomatoes (still on the vine). But these could be bought elsewhere as well.

Nice place to visit, but not really a composite for the regular shopper.

Thanks, I’ll need to check it out again. The last time I was there, the new Wellcome still had the ‘boutique’ grocery line that replaced the original grocery store. Really, you couldn’t afford to feed a family by shopping there. And too few specialty items to make it worth a stop. Wellcome has improved the fruit and vegetable offerings - at least they are fresh.
Just got back from the old Carrefour. They’ve rearranged the aisles and cleaned it up. It’s stocked for New Year’s shoppers and looks great.