Wellman's Tienmu - Closed


The venerable little store that two decades ago when I arrived was about the only place to get imported canned goods and the like is closing its doors. Always a bit overpriced, the larger international supermarkets with similar and more often than not an even better selection of goods, finally forced it to shut down.


They still have a selection of stuff that isn’t sold at most places, except at Willie’s deli, which has similar stuff.


Oh, bummer. When I walked past it the other day they were in the process of pulling out the product and shelves. I was hoping that meant they were remodeling, not closing.

I agree with the previous poster: Both Wellman’s and Willie’s have (or had) very similar inventory, including quite a few things you still can’t find at Carrefour, Jason’s, City’s Super, or anywhere else in Tianmu as far as I know. And actually, on many of the items that Carrefour does carry, Wellman’s had slightly better prices. I wouldn’t have called them overpriced at all for imported western groceries in Taiwan.


Their canned goods were always 10 to 20 NT more than any other store and many times the cans were past their due dates.


Sorry, for reopening 200 day old topic, but…

Great. So, where can I find Phyllo dough now? Wellmans was the only place I could find it. Or, at least the only place I thought to look.


Check any of the baking stores?


I did that. All around me, all they seem to carry is puff pastry. From Hsinchu to Taichung to Taoyuan to Taipei, nothing. Wellmans had 3 boxes one time, I bought them all. My burek cup ranneth over.

I guess it is just not a thing here. I could make it myself, but that is an incredible pain in the guzi.
Hand-rolling dough for burek is an art and dark science, and I have no talent to speak of for that.


Yep, there’s a reason they tell you to go buy it at the store :slight_smile: