West Coast vs East Coast of Taiwan

That sounds great.

How long is a train and bus ride? an hour?

Not even. Depends on where you live. The local train act as a sort of Subway system.

from your experience/ knowledge how long does a train or bus take?

Do you know any apps/ websites i could use to navigate Taiwans bus or train system?

I prefer West Coast rap to East Coast rap.


Just use Google maps. It’s pretty accurate and has both buses and trains

Google says its a 19 minute drive from Hemei to Changhua City but 1hr and 20 mins by bus… is that true? That bus ride seems pretty long.

This is about right, I’ve lived in both and would agree with that. The east coast isn’t really all that inconvenient to be honest. You just have to drive/scooter a little further to do what you want to do.

Any opportunity to work on the east coast would be the best situation in TW. There isn’t much you can do in the cities you can’t do on the east coast-- unless you’re into nightlife, clubs, etc.
If you’re single and like going out Taipei is prob the place to be.

Changhua is kind of dull, imo fwiw etc. Living in Taichung city or Taipei would be a better choice if you’re looking for an urban experience. If it’s Changhua, I’d go with the east coast if you can work there.

After 30 years, I’ll just say…disagree.

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C’mon, have you heard down-home Aboriginal funk?

Funk is another matter. :sunglasses:

I’m too old to keep up with all this hip’n’hop stuff. Now, where’s my Chuck Berry 45s?

Eastern coast its really nice

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I am often in Taitung, whereas I only went to Hualien and Yilan a few times. The difference in air quality and nature is striking, but on the other end you lack the job opportunities that you would otherwise find on the West coast and also (for those that are concerned about this aspect) the bunch of sophisticated restaurants, bars and imported products of the big cities. Just to give an example: my friend has recently opened a café in Taitung but she needs to do regular runs to Kaohsiung (3+3 hours) to find the ingredients that she needs to make desserts and other European-style snacks. There is no Costco, Jason’s, etc. in the East, so as to say. And the cost of living is not necessarily cheaper than on the West coast.

If you are a digital nomad or freelancer who loves nature and is not on a strict budget, the East will be a perfect home. But if you are looking for a professional career in a local/international company or willing to open your own, the West is still the place to be.