West Coast vs East Coast of Taiwan

Hi all,

The west coast of Taiwan seems more developed and convenient but the east coast just looks like a way happier place to be.

What do you guys think?

how about Penghu, Matsu, Kinmen, etc.?
don’t show biasedness toward the main island.
tell us how you really feel.

I don’t really know enough about those places. I only know where they are located on a map and that Kinmen 高粱 is famous. I’m sure they’ve all got some cool things too.

East coast is lovely but you’re less likely to get much work there.

Taoyuan or Hsinchu are the places with the most work IME.

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I’ve also noticed that.


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So what advice are you looking for?

I started this discussion as just a discussion. Not really looking for any suggestions but they are welcome nonetheless.


I agree with your OP.

West Coast is busy and cities and Industry. East Coast is chillin。

I would not say happier. I would just say different lifestyle.

Which do you prefer?

East Coast for sure. I love Yilan and Hualien.

What makes you love them? I’ve genuinely never been so i do not know.

Those are the vacation spots in Taiwan. I love the beaches in Yilan and the nature on Hualien. Taiwan is generally beautiful all over.

How about Taichung 臺中 and Changhua 彰化?

To be completely honest, the east coast of Taiwan (Yilan, Hualien and Taitung) appears to be much more beautiful than anything on the west coast really…

My only issue with the east coast is that as a young person ive heard that its harder to find a younger crowd of people over that side as a large amount of the young Taiwanese from these areas head off to Taipei or the west side to find better job opportunities (Taiwanese friends told me this). That makes me believe that the social opportunities may not be as great as they would be on the west side of Taiwan.

The East coast is super boring. The towns are really small. I spent like 5 says in Taitung. There’s nothing to do. I saw all the sights. I’ll take the city, any of the Western cities. The east coast is nice to visit… But I’d never live there

Both are better than the East coast. I really like Taichung. Changhua is close and has a lot of jobs, less foreigners than Taichung

I have an opportunity in Changhua… kind of feeling inclined towards it tbh. Seems pretty convenient, cheap rent & cost of living and Taichung is easily accessible.

I live in Taichung, my in laws live in changhua. It’s good, close enough. You can come into the city easily. Local train, bus, scooter, etc

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