West Wing Series Season 6

Season 6 is now out but I haven’t seen it sold here yet. I’ve been looking at the usual places but to no avail. If anybody spots a copy, I would sure appreciate a location. (I only need season 6) Thanks in advance.

It’ll be months before it comes out - they just released Season 5 a couple of weeks ago…

It’s been released and is being sold at all the mail order online sites so I rather believe someone may be now selling in Taiwan. Season 5 was released for sale in December of 2004. I agree it was very late in arriving in Taiwan but I am hopeful that #6 will get her faster than #5 did. I am going to look some more and then, if not found, I will buy mail order.

It’s not a question of when it will get here, but rather when it will be ready. They spend some time translating the subtitles into regional languages (and the translations are pretty good!) I’m also quite sure that they wouldn’t release Season 6 hot on the heels of Season 5 even if it were ready - doesn’t make good sense from a point of marketing.

That being said, let me know if you find Season 6 anywhere - I’d go buy it.

(I remember calling the number of the company on the box and asking when the next season would be coming out a few seasons ago. They were very accurate in their forecasting…)

Amazon.com says WW5 was released December 2005. Or perhaps this is an Asian edition you are referring to? I’m asking because I would like to buy it too :slight_smile:

I hadn’t considered that they may be adding additional Taiwan subtitles which may account for the delay on season 5. If I locate it, I’ll be sure to post. I may just go ahead and get it by mail order. I see it being sold and I really don’t care if it has subtitles or not. Thanks for everyones comments.

Season 5 is already available in the video rental shops, and has been for a couple of months by now. I don’t know why you’d want to see it, though - it really jumped the shark after creator Aaron Sorkin left. Loved the first four seasons; the fifth season’s a boring dud. Not looking forward to season 6.

Yeah, I’ve seen season 6, and all of season 7 thus far.
Jumped the shark and then some. Don’t know why I bother watching any more.

[quote=“Jaboney”]Yeah, I’ve seen season 6, and all of season 7 thus far.
Jumped the shark and then some. Don’t know why I bother watching any more.[/quote]

Jumped the shark?? WTF???

September 20, 1977 Happy Days no longer: The Fonz jumps a shark while waterskiing.

Check out other infamous moments: jumptheshark.com/

Did you never see the “Made in Canada” episode when “Beaver Creek” definitively jumped the shark?