Westboro Baptist Chuch Weighs In on Election

Well, the Westboro Baptist Church has Obama on their protest list. Given how most McSame/Palin campaign events are hatred shoutfests, perhaps the Phelps family will finally find a place where they can look like a class act. They can stand right next to the creepy fat, bald guy who carries a toy monkey with an “Obama” sticker on it.

If they had any brains at all they would’ve found some twisty legalese way to endorse Obama in order to drive votes away from him to McCain.

But then that assumes they’re capable of rational thought, which is most certainly NOT the case…
Redneck assholes.

As it is, I’m sure that the support of the Phelps family would help the McSame campaign about as much as that McCain campaign worker who filed that false complaint to the police about being robbed and attacked by a huge black guy who supposedly carved a “B” into her face with a butter knife. But the Republicans are determined to fight this one dirty, so perhaps the Phelps family will find their audience.