Western groceries in Taichung

I’m rather curious where the best place for western groceries is in Taichung. There is a little german deli (Goric) that seems to have some hard to find items. Rather expensive though. Where do you go?

Try Finga’s deli on Chien Cheng Rd. Lots of goodies and fresh bread. There’s another place near the airport, Chungching Rd and Tunhua Rd, does mostly packaged foods.

The package store is on Chungching Rd, just before you get to the turn for 74. Look for a small white sign sticking out on the Taichung-city bound side (the west side of the road), that says “Imported Cheeses and Baked Goods.” There’s a bus stop in front of it on one side, and a Betel Nut side (with two moderately ugly girls) on the other.

That place is not so bad. Finga’s, in my view, is expensive and worthless. The only thing they have that i want is parmesan cheese.


Have to admit it’s been a year or two since I went down to Finga’s, thanks for the heads up Vorkosigan.

If anyone is in the same boat as me and they are looking for western groceries( in my case some canned tomatoes for a nice pot of spicy chilli- Thank you Hsiadogah and Vorkosigan) you can note that Finga’s has moved. Before it was near Jing mi yi jie (Tea Street) and now they are on Chung ming nan street a couple blocks south of the Chung gan road and Chung ming nan street intersection.

Happy hunting!