Western Parenting vs Eastern Parenting

May I ask about the styles of Western Parenting vs Eastern Parenting of children and even pets?

From what I have researched so far, Eastern Parenting are too strict too regimented in the teaching and evolution of their children.

On the other hand, while Western Parenting are more lenient in their approach towards disciplining their children, from what I have researched, there is far less discipline in children growing up in the western world compared to children growing up in the eastern world.

As everyone on this board speak and write English, I am sure that the majority are more familiar with Western Parenting, Western Education and children growing up in Western Worlds rather than the East.

I am also looking for movies or books or even TV dramas which portray stories of children’s experiences growing up in the West.

Well, I understand that all children growing up in our world have undergone through a lot of abuse.

A lot of people say that Eastern children grow up to be more successful and more disciplined in their approach towards life.

A lot of people disagree with the alcoholism, drugs, crime, sex, party lifestyles in the West especially the USA especially L.A. Hollywood.

Yet a lot of Western expats who are working and living in the East. whom I personally know anyway, are just shaking their heads at the dog-eat-dog too over-competitive, too money-faced eastern materialistic desires in the Far East countries.

I mean, I did explore the Taiwanese, Hong Kong, China, Thailand, Japan, South Korea business scene over the last 10 years of my life.

I don’t know, My soul cried for mercy when it come to doing business, Those of you doing business or working in the corporate world…

Are you tired with all the money which you are endlessly slaving away for?

Sure, you may earn more than a few hundred thousand dollars per year, I am talking USD now, but seriously is it worth it.

I don’t know.

Do you think a monk vs a corp guy… What can each achieve against each other?

Well the question is, the monk vs the corp guy, who can find the inner peace the inner happiness in their everyday moment, everyday lives?

How is that relevant to this topic?

What do you teach your child, Forumosa?

What did your parents teach you, Forumosa?

And would you teach your children the same things which your parents taught you?

So this is why I am asking what do Western Parents teach vs what Eastern Parents teach?

Please… Please Teach Me… :slightly_smiling_face:

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Money for happiness vs. money is happiness.
Learn from failure vs. never admit failure.
Think for yourself vs. let your elders think for you.
Independent thought vs. dependent reliance.


Nice summary!

There’s “The Joy Luck Club”. Good book, movie too.

Nowadays they spoil their kids more here. And boys have always been spoilt in this culture. Its not all hardcore discipline, the younger generation are not very toughened up at all imo.


I think Eastern parenting ensures that a high percentage end up doing decently in life (maybe 80%?), but Western parenting more often results in a higher percentage doing excellent in life (because they are given room to pursue what they like) and being happy in their work (again because they’re doing what they like). My bet is on Western parenting for my kids. I hope I’m not making a mistake.


That was very well put, but I’d like to suggest a small amendment:

Learn from failure vs. blame someone else for failure


Balance is important. I take what I think is best. On one hand, coming from Taiwan to the US. I notice many western parents barely discipline and basically accept mediocrity. I’ve never known it was an option to be bad at math therefore it’s ok to get a C or B. It was shocking to see my friends in the US get excited for a B in math going to their parents that praise how great they did. I get not everyone can be a math genius but we are talking about math from elementary to high school. Or any subject offered before university really. You should be able to get an A. And many western parents don’t even pay attention to what their kids are doing and don’t push them hard enough.

Many eastern parents are on the opposite side of the spectrum. They discipline to harshly and don’t encourage enough and try to understand their child is different and they shouldn’t raise them with the cookie cutter formula. Also many still use corporal punishment. They don’t let their kids think for themselves and are too controlling and don’t give enough personal space. They push them towards traditional things to learn like piano instead of giving electric guitar or even rap or DJing a chance. Also bad habits of comparing their kids to others. They really push for excellence but don’t know how to guide them through failure and struggles.


I struggled to get a “b” in maths :pensive:. There is a definite higher level of mathematics here . It may be genetic , schooling , who knows for sure? I would not particularly call the same people out for a complete lack of spatial awareness or lack of any orienteering skills :yum:We are all individuals . We are all different . Cue @BiggusDickus :blush:

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There’s nothing wrong with a bit of sex drugs and rock n roll.


Maybe strike a balance between the two?

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My mom has always told me the person who has nothing but money is very poor.

But, my mom is not very traditional among Asian moms. She expected me to keep my GPA above 3.5, but beyond that she didn’t push terribly hard. If anything she was a bit too lax. She just wanted me to be happy, and she is proud of me even though I’m not a doctor or engineer or whatever.

I think my parents did really great teaching me about what was really important in life, but I personally would put just a little more pressure on my own children. I’d challenge them more, and ensure they had a realistic career path going forward - especially if they’re born with my talents, which are not particularly lucrative.

Shitposting can be lucrative if marketed properly.


The shitposting market is way oversaturated now.

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That’s exactly how I thought. My parents were way too easy on me, and so I vowed things would be different when I had kids. My daughter really struggles with math. I have an engineering degree so that’s not easy for me to accept. To make a long story short, lots of fights and anger later, I have accepted that this is an area she will struggle in. Now I want her to spend time to find what she really enjoys and then push herself in that area. I have at least two friends that are doing really well in life because this is what they did (one has a bunch of BJJ schools in Korea, for example, even though has a doctorate from Harvard).

My son, on the other hand, can be pushed. So we are pushing him both in sports and in school. Let’s see how that goes, though. He’s only seven. I run with him often and he’s going to do his first mini triathlon this year. I’ll back off as soon as I see signs that he’s starting to hate me! I learned my lesson with my daughter.

Yeah it’s hard not to go into parenting with specific expectations of what they will and won’t be good at or interested in doing. They could be just like you, or they could be very different from you. In the end we can only accept them the way they are, and know not to try to fit a square peg into a round hole.

I think parents’ (and teachers, and other role models) main job is to open doors. Show kids the possibilities. Pushing them is only helpful if the kid wants to step through that door in the first place. If they’re interested in something, your pushing can be motivation, and they can benefit from it. But if they aren’t interested, no amount of pushing will make them want to do it, or get much better at it.

Self-discipline is a really key habit, though. I really think everyone has to push for that in their kids. It becomes much harder to develop the habit later, when you’ve already been a lazy ass for years.

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Wait, you’re not a whatever??

I’m…there’s…this is going to take some time to get over…

I think the main difference is that developping countries are behind, they are catching up but it takes time. A lot of how they behave today maybe is more similar to how my grandparents was 50 years ago.

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I’m a dreamer…


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