Western-size clothing

Hello All!

I was wondering if anyone knows the location of a store that sells Western-size clothes. Taiwanese women ain’t got the booty, if you know what I mean, so I’m having issues finding clothes that fit my curves :smiley:

Any suggestions? Or should I give up the search and just order online?

are you in Taipei? if so, go to Tienmu, shops in section 7, chung shan n. rd.

There’s a shop behind the Sogo on Chung Hsiao East Road that sells a lot of Western Label clothing, usually last season’s stuff, or overstocks. I don’t know if it’s still there, as I last went there a couple years ago, but it’s called the King Cheu Store. Their selection rotates often, so they may or may not have what you are looking for at any given time. It’s on the corner of the intersection of two of the alleys. If you are looking at Sogo, go in the alley to the right of Sogo, and I think you should see it.

I recently saw an ad above a shop on Nanjing East Road which I believe was referring to a shop selling ‘bigger’ clothes. “DK - we fit all sizes” or something like that.
Can’t recall the exact junction, just take a bus from FuShing / NanKing along NanKing Road to the west - not further than HsinSheng overpass. Or walk, it’s not that far …

Still there. It’s behind SOGO, on Ta-an Rd., second intersection. There also something similar to what rascal mentions on Tunhua South, right side, 15-20 meters down the first or second alley north of Chunghsiao. There’s another one like that down the alley (right hand side) on the opposite side of Chung Hsiao across from the California Gym.

I think the place you are referring to is Route 66 or something like that. The King has more stuff and 66 has been stocking crap of late.

There are a couple of good shops down Wen Zhou St. from Heping (just west of the intersection with Xinsheng). I think one or two of them are the same company as the Tienmu shops.

There is also a stall on the corner of the Wenzhou/Heping intersection with really good congyoubing (though too many of those does add to the curves
:shock: ).

King Cheu - up by SOGO - has mostly men’s stuff.

The shops off of Dunhua (by cosi o cosi - ohhh dear, more curves) have good clothes - but few deals :cry: