Western (wedding) morning suit - where can I rent one?

I’m getting married in October and want to hire a western style (wedding)morning suit i.e. long black jacket, white shirt and grey pin-stripe trousers. Does anyone know anywhere in Taipei that hires these out? I’ve tried some of the shops on ‘wedding street’ but no luck. Is is it going to require a long trip back to the UK?

You could get one tailored for 15000NT. Use it for photos and on the day. Expensive perhaps, but cheaper than a trip back to the UK. (And congratulations btw).


My father got a very nice 2-piece suit made for $7500 at a tailor - nanking west road, lane 233 no.5, 2F, Tel: 25554694, Mr. Wang (speaks Mandarin OK but better to take a Taiwanese-speaker with you to talk to the tailor). It took 3 days from start to finish and was a good fit and quality.