Whack Things in Taiwan 2018


Lifehack! Many mobile phones have TV remote apps which can be used to turn down or turn off TVs, very useful!


World changing Taiwanese invention. Only the Taiwanese could think of something so utterly amazing and revolutionary as fish sushi! Yep! FISH! Who would’ve believed that sushi could possibly be made from fish? You can find these new stores in the MRT stations in Tanshui and Shihpai. Absolutely amazing. What’s next? Pork sushi? Beef sushi? Chicken sushi? Hey, how about Sushi Sushi?

Whack thing in Taiwan = Give instant class and credibility to your business by using English. Any English at all, misspellings, improper grammar, never mind. The sheer presence of English lettering on your menus and signs immediately convey that you have a classy, international business, even if you can’t read the signs or menus yourself!


In fairness there are many varieties of Sushi which do not contain fish.


Yep! My wife was right. There would be a WK stepping up to point out this fact. Nicely done! I doft my hat to you, sir.

But, can you show me a bunch of sushi restaurants where fish is not on the menu? You know, a sushi restaurant that has zero fish on the menu? Like a vegetarian sushi restaurant? I’ve never seen a sushi restaurant that had no fish. For idiots like me, sushi = fish.


Convenient stores have long had all kinds of sushi flavors, like those noted above.



convenience stores

Sorry, just made me twitch.


Technically, shouldn’t this be in Whack Things in Taiwan 1985?


Anybody else see guys selling bras in traditional markets?
Saw a young gal with her mother buy one from a guy at the table stand, walking away, looking back and going 謝謝謝謝 to this young guy.
Like, what are they 謝謝’ing about?
Did he offer some special advice to her about the peculiarities of his cheap knockoffs?
Salesmen of ladies shoes are a bit out of the ordinary, but this?


The use of incorrect English to make a business look classy or sushi made from fish? If it’s the incorrect use of English, then I could waste entirely too much time taking photos and posting them as they are everywhere in Taiwan. Go to the smallest, backwater, crap town with absolutely no foreign presence and you can still find beauty salons and other shops proudly displaying English on their signs that no one in the town could possibly read or understand. The English is often misspelled and/or grammatically incorrect. It’s just like all the stupid t-shirts with English writing on them. Every time I see someone I know wearing a t-shirt with an English slogan, I ask the wearer if they can read it or if they can understand what it says. The answer is invariably, “No, but it’s written in English and therefore it’s cool.” Just like dumb assed foreigners who get Chinese character tattoos because they think it’s cool. A tattoo meant to say, “Free Spirit”, ends up being something ridiculous as “Worthless ghost” in Chinese!


Sushi doesn’t need to have fish therefor this one is special!:smirk: Or they want to advertise that they have fish and sushi too.


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Whack things in Taiwan = Pedantic asshats, like myself, getting their panties in a twist over quotes, misquotes, software glitches on a forum thread dedicated to whack things!

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Here’s what happens on a typical day on the way to the office. I need to cross a street with a traffic light for pedestrians. The light is flashing, meaning that you are allowed to cross the street, provided there is no traffic. Every time I approach the crossing some genius will press the button, and then he/she will cross the street with the light now showing solid red. As a law-abiding citizen, I will be the dummy waiting for the green light to come on, while everyone else disregards the red light. But they HAVE to press the button. ALL THE TIME.


That’s because traffic office is wrong, it should turn green for pedestrians and red for cars when the button is pushed, and no you should be able to cross on flashing, cars should stop as their light should be flashing too. Just twisted Taiwan, no idea how traffic rules should be implemented.