Whack Things in Taiwan 2018


Maybe I can take him home and make him a nice bath, right? Water would be nice, though.

Poor thing needs shelter in a zoo, not in someone’s …how the heck did they raise that thing for years -whatever it takes to reach that size- and no one baits an eye?!

Look, those things take care of slow tourists in the ol country, but they are smart, social animals. It does not deserve that. It is downtown Taipei at noon, for Irwin’s sake.


Have any animal welfare organizations been notified? This doesn’t sound right…


Aparerntly, there were too late. Someone saw the poor animal dumped in a car trunk…


Good god…I hope it at least gets a human arm for lunch.


Aside from teh usual pain of seeing a poor animal being abused, a wild animal that has no place in the city, extra points for no one in authority stepping to save it. You cannot tell me that is not a crime in progress?!

Now I understand why when we call authorities when a dog is left locked in a car or a rooftop, they reply they can’t do a thing.

Actually, they couldn’t even force a mother to break the windows of her Mercedes to get her baby out when she locked herself out…


where are the photos!

that sounds bonkers.


It is far worse than what you can imagine.


Animal rights my foot.


C’mon Icon, youse Central Americans have skilz. Go on over and take it home. Bobby needs a sturdy playmate.


That si why I say they are smart.

Nah, I’d rather take him there and let him make new friends in a natural environment. Alas, that is not his home, that is not the environment suitable for him.

Seriously, I mean, the guy broke a million laws. Public safety anyone?

Imagine if the croc had escaped and dived into a sewer. Or worse, into the pond at the Guofu’s residence - Sun Yat/sen aparently stayed there once. So much fun.


I give up.


Passersby immediately notified the police upon seeing 45-year-old Juan walking an alligator (sic) on the sidewalk along Bei Ping East Road (北平東路).

Yah. I bet they did. :crazy_face:


Juan, sounds like a bloke from your ol’ country. :cowboy_hat_face:


Sign in the hospital bathroom that says “Safety first” and I’m wondering well why didn’t you “first” design the bathroom so it’s “safe” instead of putting up a sign last.


Why invest in infrastructure, when your intern can make a sign with WordArt?


Scooter scraped my bare leg this morning. I was half way across street in middle of crosswalk. Heard him laughing to himself driving off.

Feel like I need armour.


There is this covered sidewalk alongside the ‘Bowl’. It’s the second time in a week this idiot delivery guy drives the whole length from Kuangfu to almost Keelung rd., today he ran into my arm and I had this reflex counter reaction, I called him an idiot and told him that he can’t drive there. He started cursing and yelled 'This is Taiwan!, I said yeah, full of idiots like you. Stupid egg! And off he went. Driving on the sidewalk!


I always answer unknown phone numbers in English. It weeds out the telemarketers and scammers.


OK, this is Japan, but I just hope this is something that doesn’t spread to Taiwan like most Japanese trends do. :dizzy_face:


Yes can we just keep it respectable on Taiwan mass transit MRT like only sex ok but no nudity.


Funny, some guy in Seattle told me the exact opposite: nudity is legal there, but indecent behavior is punishable regardless of what you’re wearing (or not wearing).