Whack Things in Taiwan 2018




watch your kids.
A psycho is loose in Neihu.
He tried to abduct a girl. Police didnt charge him with anything. Here is the news link and video.


It says they charged him with “violating personal liberty”



He wasnt arrested.


??? They tracked him down at a Seven and he was charged. What do you mean, they didn’t literally drag him off into a cell? Where do you see anything like that in the article?


Nope. Man is free as a bird. By the end.

FB posts are in panic mode warning parents to be on the lookout for this creep.


Wow. Hardly anyone did anything to immediately stop that. That punk was lucky that I wasn’t there. In fact, he’s super lucky Andrew wasn’t there. That punk would have been a grease spot on the pavement.


I don’t see anyone pepper spray this creep in the video. The mom was really lucky, she was probably holding her kid by the wrist in the beginning too. Those supposedly men were indifferent and did nothing.


Why are people always in a hurry? Even 5 minutes before the bus is at the stop they get up and stand in the ail to be first off! :roll_eyes:


He is on the news right now and the news is blurring his face. Not sure why the news don’t just show his face.


Apple Daily to the rescue.





What is it?


Starbucks new macrochip policy. Used to monitor how long you take up a seat and how many bathroom trips you take.


Something really weird!


A blood sugar monitor


I got bit! The chicken is Taiwan - see the faint outline, chickens are usually rounder- and the blues have been called blue maggots/parasites.

This is beyond tongue in cheek. It is downright trolling. No wonder they supported it.


Reset button


Timing transponder


She finally found her spot and never wants to lose track of it again.