I’m suprised nobody has commented on the run-up to the next IWC meeting yet.

Things appear to be approaching some kind of crisis. It’s reached the point where it’s considered a ‘concession’ when “Deputy whaling commissioner Joji Morishita said Japan would consider abandoning proposals to hunt humpback whales in the next Antarctic season.”

There was also an interesting article by the BBC guy sent to report on attitudes within Japan, titled Cruelty and the kitchen

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Good article,

And the Taipei Times gives us another story of a difference of opinion as to which animals are acceptable as food.

taipeitimes.com/News/front/a … 2003362626

Which befits a society of peasants

Would that remark be reference to the Japanese, Australians, Vietnamese, South Americans, Taiwanese or all of the above?

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I thought the BBC article was a little light but not bad reading.

Unless you have objections to eating and using animal products everything should be fair game (pun intended). If it tastes good eat it.