What a horrible way to go

I guess working in the smelting biz gives one balls of steel. I wonder what the brass has to say about it all? If the plant guard dog was caught in the inferno, would he now be known as Rin Tin Tin?

You guys are doing nothing to alloy my concerns that posting here will definitely be a test of one’s metttle

Not the easiest subject to pun with. Loretta’s reef was way easier that afternoon last summer, eh chief?


[quote=“BroonAle”]Not the easiest subject to pun with. Loretta’s reef was way easier that afternoon last summer, eh chief?


I’m not so sure, seems like an either-ore deal to me…

Ah, yes, Loretta’s Reef…seems like just yesterday…

I don’t want to be a foil, but this thread is going nowhere. Can we forge ahead?

Can smelt half the posts in this thread…

The rest are slag.

ironic, isn’t it.

a bit of irony?

had a hell of a day.

baby, you’re so hot…

NewScientist: Iron overload bad for health

Acute iron toxicity: not a run of the mill case.

etc etc

Wow. Scots sure have an odd way of spending their summer holiday as students. Might have made quite the impression seeing bodies like that.

Reminds me of this one time in Bespin, and my buddy Han was put into carbonite freezing. Luckily, he survived the process. He would be quite well protected, you know.

You know, I think the difference in attitude can be mostly contributed to the difference between 32 people dying in an accident and 32 people being murdered. Isn’t quite the same.

the pain experienced by the grieving families are pretty similar,i’d have thought.

hence why the 2 faced tits on here are better off shutting up :wink:

The farther away a tragedy happens, the greater the number of people who must die for it to make news.

Well, this tragedy wasn’t so far away from those of you in Taiwan, right?

Are you saying that if 32 Americans died in a building site accident, or 32 American workers died in a frozen food factory, that your reaction would be to try and out pun one another?

The behavior of you jokesters is shameful.

I’ve been in a couple of steel mills, and you just cannot immagine the heat! I watched a guy pour molten steel from a ladel with a three foot handle. I was standing 20 feet away and trully concerned that my clothes would combust. Those workers may have died quickly, but not without unbelievable pain.

And their deaths, and their families, deserve respect!