What american/foreign restaurant chains are here in taiwan?

not talking about fast food places, but sit down type restaurants. trying to figure out what american chains are here and how good they are for when i get that craving.

so far i’ve been to chili’s. found it was almost exactly like a chili’s in the us at similar prices. other chains i’ve heard of, but have yet to check out:

tomy roma’s
sizzler :wink:

i think the hard rock cafe closed. anything else? how do they compare to the same chain in the us food and price-wise?

Ponderosa is here… too… its about the same as in the States… whether that is good or bad, depends upon your own subjective taste… (Hmm… that’s redundant :laughing: )

trader vics
burger king
planet hollywood
ruby tuesday

Ruth’s Chris Steak House is here in Taipei also. Pricey, but very good.

planet hollywood

The one at Warner Village closed down … as did the Hard Rock Cafe near Nanjing East / Tunhua Rd.

Dan Ryan’s (not American, but it oughtta be)

Lawry’s Prime Rib

i’ve driven down to taichung a few times for tex mex at chicago chips (is that the name?) somewhere near the museum, it’s great, better than i’ve had in taipei and not nearly as expensive … uncertain about whether or not it’s a franchise, but it ain’t fast food

There’s also TGI Fridays and Hooters!

I think there is also a Ruth’s Chris in Kaoshiung…my client was buying drinks so things are a bit hazy.

a few posts up, i mentioned chicago chips … anyone living in taichung able to tell me what happened to it? was down there last week to meet my advisor, and the place was gone. :s

Outback Steakhouse

Hey,where’s the Outbacks?

Why pay a foreign chain company
big money for a noisey coffee espresso?
Search out the local tea house.