What app that doesn't exist would you love to make (if you could)?

What app that doesn’t exist would you love to make (if you could)?

A kind of app that would benefit your daily life and routine in some way.

If I could think of one I’d make it myself.


I need a “white people” proximity alert app. I saw two “white people” yesterday while driving around on my scooter and it was such a surprise I didn’t get the opportunity to shout, “WEIGOUREN!!” at them.

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Why is this in quotes?


I sketch. I’d like to upload a simple single line sketch ( or a series of single lines) with a bit of text next to it, and have the app transform it into a single line drawing video, then have the text next to it written out letter by letter, ending with a sketched smiley face in the corner as personal logo of sorts.

You do know that being white isn’t the same as being weigouren right? People yell that at me that all the time and I’m brown skinned

About the question I wish there was a Yelp for toilets. Marks all the toilets close by on Google maps with user reviews on cleanliness and whether or not they have sit down toilets and how many are available. I’d called the app “shitster”

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Shit me up?

How about a death clock for new small businesses? “This cafe/sports watch repair shop,” will close down in… Seven weeks, three days and five hours.

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魏國? From the realm of 曹操 himself?! They better respect us if he’s our leader.

How do you calculate it?

I’m the visionary, not the tech guy. :grin:


Maybe it’s 餵狗人?

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oh shit i didn’t notice guo became gou too lol

Ok ok so I didn’t get the pinyin right

Maybe an app that sees my mistakes and fixes them for me then


ur point still stands absolutely true, but I couldn’t help but notice and fixate on that typo :smiley:

I’d probably say “Hello!” to you.

Metric System…