What are adult KTVs like in Taiwan?

So a downgrade…?

Is she checking whether they’re real boys?


Short girls wear tall heels and tall girls wear short heels.


Going out for coffee… or something

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Job interview in Cambodia…


Just for reference

Most all adult KTVs accept credit cards including obviously of course International credit cards.

Girls for boys, boys for girls, boys for boys, girls for girls and whatever else other flavor of the day.

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That is not me reflecting in that glass or those bags or those thighs. Or maybe it is who knows.

That’d be a lot of cash to carry around.

Are drinks expensive in those places? I’ve never been to one…

I think you mostly pay for the company of the girl(s) and the time, and some amount of alcohol comes with that. Of course, if you want to drink the good stuff, that might be more.

All you can drink beer is usually included. And then buy liquor by the bottle price varies and includes mixers.

Room $2000 and up per hour, 2-hour minimum.

Each hostess or host could get $1000 up to unlimited amounts per hour depending on establishment. Tips couple thousand or more if appreciated the services.

Tips for staff.

Rough per person estimate at popular establishments $8000-20000 per person. Less in a small town in South Taiwan, more at the more popular places in the cities.

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