What are Taiwan's regulations regarding Office Environment?

Basically in terms of personal space, air temperature and working hours?

I only know of 3 regs on the books.
#1. No Velcro fastening shoes. This is so that, upon returning from lunch and removing your shoes and socks to put on your flip flops, you don’t wake up your co-workers
#2. When moving about the office in your flip flops, you aren’t allowed to lift your feet off the floor. This is to ensure that noone is snoozing during working hours
#3. When clipping toenails at your desk, you aren’t allowed to use clippers that can’t be heard across the whole office. Same reason as #2.

Is there anything against men having long hair? or it depends on company?

Men can have long hair as long as they tie it back with a Hello Kitty headband