What are the best and the worst beaches you know in Taiwan?

As title says. You guys can include other islands that belong to the ROC/Taiwan.


You can participate more than once in this thread.

We had a blast discussing the different beaches in this thread, but now it’s like if we never had done it. You can talk, beaches.

Well, I only know three:

Waiao: good for swimming and surfing
Daxi: good for diving and snorkeling, there’s some coral stuff
Nanao: buy sashimi at the fish market, walk on the beach, die if you step in the water

Great discussion but then lost me at ”best”.

Not exactly a hidden treasure and I’ll probably get blasted for this, but one of my favorites is Xiaowan in Kenting. Usually not as busy as Nanwan or Baishawan and I prefer the view. Baishawan used to be better a decade or two ago but it’s been overrun with people and umbrellas the last couple times I’ve been and the beach looks to be getting narrower and narrower (from sea to bushes) amplifying the problem. Baishawan seemed to be less crowded for a while after a lot of the Chinese tour groups stopped coming so I’m not sure why it’s so packed again now.

Xiaowan has nice new free bathrooms and the beach is very clean. A million times better than the beaches I’ve visited in Bali recently. Depressing how much garbage there is on the beaches and in the water. Also, the police have started fining the jetski guys so it’s much quieter now. I hated them and the ATVs. So happy the police took the issue seriously.

The beach in front of the Chateau is pretty good, as are a couple near Jialeshui, but they’re usually too deserted for my tastes.

Fulong or northern Baishawan aren’t too bad and Waiao can be fun (love being able to buy cold beers on the beach).

Had some surprisingly scary experiences swimming at the beaches near Hualien! Be careful at some of those East Coast beaches!

I guess my least favorite is Tongxiao because of what could have been. Pisses me off every time I see those smoke stacks.

Fulong is a decent beach on a sunny day.

I’ve never enjoyed any beaches in Taiwan. You can take a cheap flight to nam or Thailand and stay at villas for like 30USDs a night on the beach in the off season for some great beaches with almost no one on them.

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I love Thailand and have been to countless beaches there but with no direct flights to any of the nice islands or even Krabi it’s not so easy for a three or even four day holiday.

Have you been to nam. I actually prefer the beaches there. Less tourists.

Where’s good?

Hoi an was great for me. Also a nice old town with lots to do and see.

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I haven’t but look forward to going.

Can you elaborate? I keep hearing about this. Sounds like riptides from the descriptions I’m hearing.

I had a wonderful day or two at Jici beach. But it looks a bit scary in the winter and I heard there was a death there during a triathlon.

Not really a riptide but like some crazy undertow that sucks you down and rolls you on the bottom. I’m a decent swimmer but not great so I’m pretty cautious where I swim over there now.


Going there for a 2nd time in 2 weeks. Looking forward to it.