What are the best Taiwan health websites?

Can you help me identify what the 10 best health websites are in Taiwan?

There’s cdc.gov.tw/ch/

But maybe some specifics would help. English or Chinese (or both)? Why do you need Taiwanese health sites specifically?

Thanks, Jeff.

To answer your question: Say I want to promote a website that is meant for Taiwanese patients or doctors, I’d want to associate it with well-regarded Chinese health websites. You could call it the “bird’s of a feather” theory of web promotion :wink:

By “associate,” do you mean that you want to have ads or links on these sites, or that you want search engine queries for these sites to pick yours up as well? The reason I ask is that the sites I mentioned, as well as the Formosan Medical Association, NHRI, and other medical and scientific associations, probably don’t accept advertising. And I imagine the “best” sites would be different for patients and physicians.

FWIW, a Google search for “health websites in Taiwan” turned up this as the first hit:
It has links to a few sites that interest you. And some that would not. They messed up the links, but you should be able to figure them out.

This page also has some relevant links:
tpic.org.tw/Reports/ShowRepo … eport_ID=8

Sorry I don’t have time for a better response just now.