What are the weirdest or most "special" cigarettes from Taiwan, as souvenir?

Wanting to bring a good friend some weird souvenirs from Taiwan. He smokes.

Of course I’ll bring a pack of “Long Life”, but what other cigarettes are weird, funny, strange, special… or even good? I’m a non-smoker, so I wouldn’t know.

I don’t believe Taiwan produces cigarettes.

Mild 7 is the most popular brand but it’s Japanese.

You might snag one of those fancy Chinese cigarettes at the airport. Zhonghua was my go to brand in China. Maybe the panda brand will be the most interesting for him but my friends who smoke always asks me to bring them Zhonghua.

I assume he also drinks? Maybe a bottle of Kavalan? My friends also seem to like it a lot.

the watermelon flavor ones are great as a souvenir. i think they are called Mars, light green pack.
i havent seen them anywhere else.

I usually grab a carton of the Long Life brand cigarettes at the duty free shops. Smoker buddies get a laugh out of it.

Maybe the ones with the little poppable spheres of fruit flavors in the filter - do they market those in Europe or are they just an Asia thing?

(Seems like something Europeans might be all fussy about - making cigarettes more palatable to teens and so on.)