What are those wedding-cookies

… that keep on being mentioned and are so expensive?

Just asking to satisfy my curiosity. :sunglasses:

Just a very tastefully presented tin of outrageously priced biscuits.

Part of the wedding bash is to send these to people that are invited. I vaguely recall something about if you didn’t receive them you aren’t expected to pay a hong bao, which is why in laws can be especially insistent about this expensive silliness.

Actually, the bisuits aren’t bad, usually.


A biscuit

A cookie, chocolate chip type

Hey! I thought we banned AmeriKKKanisms!!


Good English lesson TC. Our brothers from over the ocean got a funny way with words. :slight_smile:

A goddamn [color=red]

A bleedin’ [color=green]
[/color], chocolate chip type[/quote]

You’re welcome.

Cheers for sorting that out Sandman, seems those damned yanks are of their scones.