What are you doing for Christmas?

I’ll start, although I’m sure many of you have far better plans.

My wife and I got tomorrow off from work and are driving to Hualien for a 3-day weekend. The wife drives; I sit in the back and play with our baby (in her baby seat). I got 3 packages of presents from the family, so I guess we’ll haul those down there along with the stuff I got for my wife. I was pretty secretive, so she may not even realize I bought her a bunch of presents. Not being accustomed to the holiday she may have neglected to get me any presents (not that I care) but maybe she’ll surprise me. It definitely will not feel like Christmas, but it will be good to get out of Taipei.

:slight_smile: :candycane:

Wife and I are also thinking of spending X-mas day outside of Taipei. There’s some nice scenery and reading through Travel Forum and Muzha Man’s posts only salivate. A day trip either in Beitou (hot springs action) or tea plantations in Pingling or Mucha … I think we’ll flip in the end…

I’ll be drinking and surfing Forumosa (note - I’ll switch to “hidden” online status so nobody can see what a sad bastard I am).
Just kidding (well, except for the first part). I’ll probably invite some lads over to my place; we’ll drink, talk about sport, swear a lot and make jokes about the size of our genitals. :wink:

I have to work. Then have a simple Christmas dinner with a friend and will probably end up getting happily pissed drunk.

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you all had an enjoyable year. If you haven’t, then 2005 might look up for you. :snoopy:

M&M Enterprises has cancelled Christmas for the greater economic good of the country. But don’t worry, instead of Christmas, you get to share in that enhanced economy. Remember, what’s good for M&M Enterprises is good for the country too!

Yours, Milo Minderbinder

kids, presents, bad TV, too much food and too much grog…the usual but our first here in Taipei. I love the Santa bus drivers :slight_smile:

You are more than welcome to come to Kaohsiung and spend Christmas with us.

In the US between family and friends. It’s cold in St. Louis, but I’m hoping to meet skeptic Yank.

DB there is not enough beer and licquor in all of Kaoxiong for both you and Almas John. Though he might bring along his sister and her toy, stragbasher.

Merry Xmas,


DB there is not enough beer and licquor in all of Kaoxiong for both you and Almas John. Though he might bring along his sister and her toy, stragbasher.

Merry Xmas,

Probably not but it is worth checking into. :wink:

Me, I’ll be going to Carnegies, eating, getting at least mildly tipsy, then going back to the apartment, having yet another turkey feed thanks to the Sheraton Zhonghe’s delivery service, and then passing out, either from alcohol or too much turkey.

Durins Bane,
Thanks for the kind offer, but in the future please don’t be so ready to believe any comments I make about myself being a “sad bastard”. :wink:

Okami wrote [quote]DB there is not enough beer and licquor in all of Kaoxiong for both you and Almas John. Though he might bring along his sister and her toy, stragbasher.[/quote]
Thanks for a good laugh Okami. Stay warm, and have a great Xmas.

I decided to keep busy.

In the morning I’m going to a brunch/lunch at my kindy. Voluntary, but I enjoyed the last one, so I’ll be Santa and then feed myself and chat with the parents and kids.

Then it’s off to Carnage for a couple of hours to meet friends and start ont he drinking.

After that I’ll be going to ta party at one of my bosses’ houses. More eating and drinking. I’ll bring my pumpkin soup.

Then it’s back home to inflict my pumpkin soup, mashed spuds and strawberries and cream on the inlaws for a few hours of late dinner.

Those I my four main plans, but I thought that after that I might see if any other Forumosans or other friends who haven’t passed out our got to bloated to move by that stage still want to hook up for a little more eating and drinking.


How about farting and puking? Lets all get together and fart and puke.

I was doing that today. the thought of christmas makes me ill. I always hated xmas since I was a child.

But in z morning I’m taking my missus xmas shopping, then Saturday I cook up a big surprise… I cooks anyways as the missus doesn’t know how…

I’m turning off all the phones, so I be at home with the family without interruptions. After we stuff our faces we’ll take a romantic walk in the forest and shoot the breeze. Hopefully the 4x4 wheel club will not come up here this weekend… a group of buffoons who have no road manners driving around roads they don’t know…

Sunday is another day with the family… think we’ll play some board & card games together. Wish you guys all the happiest of weekends.

I’ll pop over to Carnegie’s for the Christmas fixings and have a few drinks with other forumosans…I may even imbibe alcohol since it’s the holidays. Then I’ll call home and see what everyone’s doing without me (even though it’ll be 6 in the morning there) and make my mother tell me everything play-by-play. It’ll be my nephew’s first Christmas and as usual, I’m not there to see it.
Then after the guilt trip of not seeing my 2-year-old niece and my 1-month-old nephew, I will probably settle down for a few hours of Age of Mythology destroying multiple civilizations with flying purple hippos and laser-beam-eyed bears draped with the Canadian flag…maybe I’ll even wrap them up and open them so I feel like I got some presents for Christmas this year.

Taking a 20-hour drive with 3 kids to visit friends and family. Minivan, DVD player, books on tape…should be okay?

I’ll be having xmas lunch with my wife’s family at the Shannon before easing into some VBs most of the afternoon. After that I’ll be drinking Bu La En under the table at my boss’ house for xmas afternoon/dinner. Boxing day I’ll be listening to the Boxing Day Test.

Jeez mate, it’s Christmas. Give the kids a break just this once. They take too many tests.