What are you doing on this year Valentine Day?

Y’all DO know that it’s Chinese Valentine’s Day, right? Hooboy, are YoU in trouble… :laughing:

[quote=“Tigermon”]Wish I could go here:

[quote]Whether your idea of romance is a quiet beach or the clamor of a big city, here are 10 spots across the country that’ll make your sweetie swoon…

Duquesne Incline / Pittsburgh

So romance isn’t the first word that pops into your head when you think of Pittsburgh? Then you need to take a ride on the Duquesne Incline cable car (in operation since 1877) to the observation deck with spectacular views of the Ohio and Allegheny and Monongahela River Valleys and downtown Pittsburgh’s Golden Triangle.[/quote][/quote]

Ah, a site for sore eyes!
Followed by a great meal at the Georgetown!

I 'aint Chinese so Valentine’s Day is in February, although I suppose if I’m wanting any loot on Father’s Day tomorrow I’ll need to get a bunch of flowers or something on my way home.

How about taking em to get some good old Micky D’S?

I’m surprised no one has responded to the question thus:


Google can help.

well, that wasn’t a really great Valentine’s Day gift that yah got

Showed up pretty quick 2. The next day… Or maybe went for preventative measures based on the other party.

That’s a joke post that keeps on giving. Har har

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Suddenly, Tinder doesn’t look so bad

Tuesdays are inconvenient, I’ll send a text and make up for it later



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Protip for the guys

  1. Suggest doing something private intimate at home because you don’t want to go to big crowded places and want to have more personal intimate “us”-time

  2. Have a bottle of red wine available.

  3. Open bottle, look deep in her eyes, don’t look away for as long as possible no matter how much you want to, delay delay delay just look into the eyes as long as humanly possible, and toast and say lovingly Happy Valentine’s Day honey.

  4. Go back to whatever the hell you really wanted to do

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  1. A 10k money bouquet is not the bringer (except if you go to Wanhua)

This year is on the last day of Lunar New Year holiday when everybody will probably be fighting traffic home or already home and recovering.

Last minute prep might be challenging.

I like this candy, I like the cash too (but has New Years new clean money, but maybe in Red Pocket is better, anyone giving out big Red envelopes?)

I will probably be eating something, drinking water and using the toilet at least twice.

I will be celebrating the birthday of somebody I love dearly, like I do every year. And it is a holiday this year! Yeh!

My romantic dinner. A mashup of what was convenient at home, but I’m very happy with how it came out.

Couscous was a box gifted by someone, hummus is a jar from Carrefour that I’ve been sitting on for months, chicken was wok roasted with a scoop of Patak’s curry that didn’t quite make it in to the last batch. I just had to grab the carrots and cucumber from Simple Mart to round it off :yum: