What are you going to do with your huge tax cut bonus?


Since “the largest taxcut ever” has been passed, and “the most jobs ever” have been created, I was wondering what everyone will do with their “hugest” windfall? Since no bigots or misogynists, or supremacists support or voted for him, I am guessing that the only reason people did was for this biggly tax cut. And since everyone must hold stock in giant telecoms, your cup runneth over with the end to little internet startups with the extra gift of the end of net neutrality.

Big plans? Buy a jet? Since ISIS was eliminated, and so has Kim, it is safer to travel. Maybe get that seaside chalet in Calais? Since he brought the hammer down on China and imposed massive tariffs, I am guessing there will be a billion manufacturing jobs by January 31?


If I lived in the US my tax savings would be around 1900us$, with some variation depending on which State I lived in.
I wouldn’t mind having that extra cash in my wallet, but I guess that makes me a racist.


Buy my local representative maybe? I hear they are currently on yearly sale…


Interesting from CBS who are …hmmm not exactly Trump supporters.


Wanting extra money does not make you a racist. Other things might do that, but not that.

That is only a few extra hours a week. Could just work harder. But either way, that will get eaten up by inflation.

Could just eliminate taxes across the board for everyone. But, that military isn’t going to pay for itself, and the people who use it are not going to pay for it.


Taxes are used for military, police, firemen, research, social programs and an endless list of things that are mandatory in a civilized country. Can’t cut them all, and you know that’s not even an argument.

What does:“You could work harder, it’s just a few hours a week” even mean? That could be used as an argument for INCREASED taxes. “You’re paying an extra 4k a year? Whatever, just work a few more hours”, it doesn’t make any sense.


Does wanting to keep my money, or at least keep more of my money, make me a racist? Or more accurately, does my preference to determine for myself where more of my money is invested or spent rather than having more of my money disgorged from me by the government under threat of violence and/or imprisonment and/or enforced bankruptcy – does that make me a racist?

Your implicit assumption is that the government is giving money to the rich, when in fact it will be taking less money from the rich. Don’t get me wrong – it’s certainly your right to exhibit online outrage about the government taking less money from the rich. But there is a real distinction between “giving more to” and “taking less from”.

What outrages me is the territorial tax treatment that corporations will now enjoy, but that individuals will not enjoy. Corporate rights > individual rights yet again, not that it’s a big surprise.

The estate tax change was another bad decision, not that many stiffs of any real means actually paid it but because of the likely effects on funding for organized charities that will probably result (we shall see). I wonder if the Democrats will reinstate it after taking over Congress next year. I also wonder what it means for US persons married to non-resident aliens… are we now free (in death) from the 50K-plus piracy? I haven’t looked, but I’m guessing not.


You’ve just written a well thought-out reply, commenting the current tax reform and explaining which parts of it you approve and which you don’t.
In current year, anything done by Trump and the Gop is racist, nazi-like and clearly pushing a white supremacy agenda. As a result of this, the fact that you didn’t write a post like:“FUCK SDRUMPF, THESE TAX CUTS ARE THE WORST, HE’S LITERALLY A LITERAL HITLER, WITHOUT THOSE TAXES PEOPLE ARE GOING TO DIE” automatically makes you a racist.



It seems like this topic is posted in the wrong place, because most American expats here are covered by the foreign income exclusion and don’t owe U.S. taxes to begin with (if you make more than that, then more power to you).

I’m not getting a tax cut bonus as I don’t pay U.S. taxes in the first place, but if I was it really wouldn’t matter what I spent it on. Just the fact that I was doing my part to reduce government bloat and waste would be reward enough in itself.


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

  1. You just called the US uncivilized.
  1. What, the women are supposed to do it for free? :stuck_out_tongue:
  1. Whatever happened to “oh no we can’t have social programs because that would be SOCIALISM :scream: and then we would get a Venezuela death spiral!”? :ponder:


Oh look! It’s mr Strawman again!


You mean we can and even should have social programs? :astonished: :smiley: :happyrunningaround: I’ll remember that next time Venezuela (or anything else) comes up.

But don’t forget to pay off the fire department if you move to a Covfefist country, m’kay?


You sure showed that strawman who da boss! Way to go, buddy! I’m sure he’ll think about it twice next time!


I hope so, Ibby. I hope so. :rainbow:


Absolutely savage.


Actually, all of them need to be cut. That tax cut will not pay for itself. The only spending that is bulletproof is military spending.


Many of his supporters actually fit that profile. Almost all of them, unashamed of that, too. Some used to hide their bigotry and racism. Now, they wear it on their sleeves.


Maintain GDP growth at 3% and you more than cover what is lost from the tax cut.


Good luck with that. Historically, that has never happened after a tax cut. Not Reagan’s, or Bush’s saw any significant GDP growth with their cuts.


Then there is automation. Cannot have that high of GDP when the work force is slashed.

Could have UBI, but I somehow doubt that will pass in the US. The EU and elsewhere, maybe. Not the US.

Regardless, until 20 January, it is still Obamanomics. We’ll see what happens after that.


This is a fantasy pushed by the left. Don’t believe the hype, as Public Enemy used to say.