What are you reading 2019

I just finished The Orphan Master’s Son. It’s a novel of exceptional life in N Korea. I’ve read a bunch of books this year, and I was floored by how good this one is.

Also, I’ve pulled my daughter out of public school and need recommendations on good historical fiction that is not quite as intimidating as Michener and Follett to substitute standard education. We are doing a chronological world history, so readable recommendations on Mesopotamia and Egypt are timely right now.


You are a cool mom.

I’ve been reading an enormous 800+ page biography on Vincent Van Gogh. Turns out he was a crazy asshole. But also pitiable.

The inspiring thing is he started out such a terrible artist, but did it so obsessively that he eventually became great at it.

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All great artists, writers, musicians are nutso af. It’s a prereq.

Kind of getting ahead of yourself there, aren’t you?
Shouldn’t you be about here??


She already finished that one. Seriously. Finished it yesterday. I read it when I was 11.
Tomorrow she starts Richard Dawkins’ Ancestors Tale.

After reading that book, my great grandmother taught me to make a sling I never could, for the life of me, make it work.

Keep her away from the sequels, they’re pretty much just cave smut.

Let her cover that on her own time.

Well, today I learned a new word. More specifically, a new word for which I should not use Google images in public.

These conversations are all in 2018 but title and tag is 2019.

Where is the “What are you reading 2020?”?