What are you watching (TV) 2019

Not always a big Conan fan but his new Netflix show looks funny. He’s a natural clown

I thought the first episode in Cuba was pretty good but I was howling through the episode where he goes to Korea. Very funny.

Conan can be great once you get his sctick. The travels around the world with his dull producer are funnyyyyyyy

You on Netflix right now.

10 episode in.

I started “You.” It’s well made but super creepy.

I’ve also been watching “Surviving R. Kelly”. I’ve been an R. Kelly fan for decades but always knew he was a piece of shit. It’s pretty amazing to see how bad he really is put in such easily digestible episodes.

Oh, I forgot the best new show I’ve watched: The Masked Singer.

It’s so stupid but I think I’m addicted. I have to follow through to the end…


So, so dumb… but…

Vox had an amusing / terrifying take on that show. I believe I’ve watched perhaps 20 minutes of reality TV in my life (and 15 minutes of that was the Susan Boyle clip several times), but part of me wants to give this thing a try:

A show where they cannot prejudge on looks and say “I looked at you and didn’t think you could sing like that”.

That Lion was pretty damn good. I’m trying to avoid spoilers because I’m almost 100% sure I could google it and find out who some of these people are already.

I was thinking one of them is Neil Patrick Harris (child star, good voice, into magic) but it doesn’t really fit the sound and I never heard of him being “friends with Michael Jackson”. It’s definitely not MacCauley Culkin or Corey Feldman though.

These singers are actual stars. Some are apparently singers, some are actors, some are athletes (apparently). A few seem to be very well known.

The first person to leave was an NFL player, who obviously couldn’t sing very well but was pretty entertaining still.

I’m curious abt R Kelly but I am not in US… so I have to find a way to watch it…

Still enjoying this. Last week they unmasked Tommy Chong. I was actually able to explain to the wife who he was because she saw him in That 70s Show

I’m 95% sure the bee is Gladys Knight, though I guess I can’t say anything definite. I’m pretty confident. I’m a fan of that era, and it sounds like her. The judges suggested Dionne Warwick but it’s definitely not her because she has a more classical, cleaner voice, a bit closer to Whitney Houston. I thought of Patti LaBelle for a brief moment but the voice didn’t go that far into the raspy soul that she does.

I’m not that sure about anybody else, but I’m interested.

Just finished binging all 5 seasons of Bojack Horseman (well, not exactly “binge.” It took me 2 months. Hard to NetFlix and chill with a toddler). One of those shows I’ve been meaning to watch for years. As good as I thought it’d be, maybe even better.

Thinking I’ll watch Mindhunter next. I’ve heard good things and I liked Hannibal, which seems similar with the whole delving into “psychology of serial killers” motif.

Mindhunter was good. I liked Hannibal too, but couldn’t get into the 3rd season. Watched the first episode and just didn’t get much of an urge to keep going. I’ll get around to it sometime because 2nd season was amazing.

The first half of Hannibal season 3 isn’t my favorite (I still enjoy it though). But the second half when they do a time-jump and their adaptation of the Red Dragon novel is probably my favorite batch of episodes in the whole series. It’s almost like a separate season. I’d highly recommend pushing through the first half of s3, so you can get to that final storyline. And what an ending…

Alright, sounds good. I’ll give it another go. I love the Red Dragon story so it’s cool if they managed to fit it in somehow.

Did you try The Sinner? There’s a second season I haven’t seen yet, but the first was pretty cool.

I have not. I’ll look into it, thanks.

Oh my god, I watched The Masked Singer. I got the appeal but if you are not from US or did not grow up in US arts and entertainment culture, you are surely be clueless.

The only one that I can guess is the poodle. Margaret Cho

I’m in the final episode of Surviving R Kelly.

It was really a hard show to watch. First two episodes in, I was so disturbed.

Currently watching too: Titans, AGT Champions.

I recall the judges said that about the poodle too. I have nothing to go on but it feels like something she’d do.

Only got 5 episodes into Surviving R. Kelly. Will get around to finishing it. Seriously, does anybody want to buy some R. Kelly CDs/vinyls?

The whole spiel of his incarcerated brother on how R Kelly’s fetish is with young and minor kids are nothing but fetish just like his fetish with older women makes me want to vomit. Good thing, he is in jail.

It adds to my anger on how he abuse the minors and instead of giving them the right attention and love, he actually used them like sex toys.